By Lonjezo Idrissa

“Distance makes the heart grow fonder”- Unknown

In this fast moving world where money-making is the norm, it is normal for one to be physically far from their loved one. There are various circumstances that can create a physical gap between two love birds. It could be upgrading academically, it could be work, or it could be literary anything that can make you miles away from your other half.

Now, in such scenarios, should such a gap also create the same emotionally? Should our love really suffer courtesy of the physical gap?

To many Young Generation, long distance relationships are hard to handle. You talk of endless days physically lonely…you talk of nights without your other half close by….it is so hard, if one deems it so anyway.

However, if well handled, long distance relationships can be one of the most entertaining life moments for both of you.

So, how can we keep on the momentum despite the said gap?

Communication is the Midas key

The major challenge that comes with long distance relationships is the loss of seeing her or him in your vicinity. It may take months if not years without having a feel of him in your arms. That thought alone can drive you nuts. So how can we deal with such a gap? Communication! It’s that simple.

In this modern era where globalisation is the song on every soul’s lip, it’s very easy to be emotionally close despite the physical distance courtesy of the modern advanced communication tools. You talk of the social media, phone calls, SMSes, email, and what have you.

Never stop texting her. Never cease calling him. Hear how hoarse his voice is. Send him your recent photographs. Send her your recent academic trip you had. In that way, you’ll keep abreast of each other’s progress and you won’t really be missing the camaraderie that much.

The more you link up, the stronger will the bond between the two of you. 

Nothing beats the faithfulness between the two of you

The fact that your other half is far from you doesn’t give you a visa to be roving the streets, chasing girls anyhow. Just because he is not closer to you doesn’t warrant you to be living a reckless life. No! You’ve to keep on staying faithful and true to the only girl or guy whom you are committed to with despite the temptations that may arise from time to time.

The strength of your love for her or him lies in what you can do or not in her/his absence.


If you love her, trust her. Why trusting him if there’s no trust between you two? Sometimes, some of our ailments come out of our lack of trust. As a result, we develop an unnecessary psychological warfare within ourselves, thinking what your other soul may be up to whilst you’re away. The more such thoughts linger in your mind, the lesser comfortable you’re going to become.

So, the lesser you worry, the healthier your relationship is going to be.

Understand each other

One of the biggest problems that cause a lot of breakups is dearth of understanding. Many couples fail to understand each other’s feelings, affections and words. But here is a thing, we’ve to keep in mind that understanding each other is what strengthens our bond. When your lover is away and says that he or she is busy with assignment school or work that has been assigned by the boss, we have to understand him or her. We have to put ourselves into his or her shoes.

Pray for your relationship

If you’re a believer like myself, you’ll appreciate the power of prayer. Prayer soothes one’s soul and creates a path to success. One other element lovers tend to ignore is this old age methodology. Just bend your knees and pray for your affair. Ask the Almighty to lay a hand on your relationship and see how wonderful it is going to be.  Prayer’ll make you to be living a happy life because you’ll know that your prayers’ll be answered by God, for He has never failed.



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