By Lonjezo Iddrissah

As we live here on earth, there are many things that deny us from doing better things in our lives and even be attain happiness. There are those things that make us not to be who we planned to be.

It might be that there are many people out there who are talking negative things about our lives; people who may not be our friends per se but just want to rain sadness in our lives. If that happens, it does not mean that you have to lose sleep over it; some situations are better left untampered with.

When you are busy working hard towards your planned goals in life that other people cannot manage to, you don’t have to be sorry for your life because your life is very special and it is something that anyone cannot buy; neither with money nor gold. You just have to focus on your goals. This is because there might be other people who can be underrating your dreams. You don’t have to fall for their words for they are also born of flesh just like yourself. They are prone to making errors just like yourself.  

In a working environment, there are other people that can belittle you; downplaying your input towards the success of your institution.  Here is a thing, you and only you know your capabilities. What you need to do is let the “works of your hands do the talking”. Just let go of their utterances and focus on achieving your goals.

If there’s one fuel you certainly need to purchase then it has to be negative thoughts from friends and foes. You see, the best reiteration for negativity is success. Let what others say you can’t be your energy to make you push towards achieving your goal. If anything, let go of what others say about you. If you have a goal in life, just work towards achieving it. The rest, will be for them to see.

Fellow young Generation, there are times when you have to let go of what others are saying about you, and just focusing on doing what you think is right for you. After all, what you can do or not do cannot be determined by the world because the world is not perfect but only real. You have to do what your mind tells you to do and never to rely on other people for you to do something new to your life. Do it as long as its beneficial for you; otherwise let go of ill minds.



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