A beautiful girl crying


ThE SeXy DiVa!

By Chimwemwe Mwale.

(The Chinese Sexy Diva)

There reaches a time in our love lives that no matter how good you can be, the dude tends not to appreciate. True, they say love is all about perseverance, yeah! But it is also wise for one to realize when to quit. After all, nothing lasts forever.

After trying all the available formulas to mend the broken walls, if you still feel it ain’t working, never force matters. I repeat. NEVER! Crying to your beastie to help you to mend your relationship won’t work as well.

If he goes, he wasn’t meant for you. Life is too short for you to be crying on a dude who doesn’t count on you. Let him go, you’re too cute my sister to be crying for the guy you don’t love him again. I know you might be thinking of what the community will say if they don’t see you together! F%#k that! You can’t everybody all the time.

Tell you what? There is some Prince Charming somewhere who’s spending sleepless nights just to have you in his world. And here you are, spilling your precious tears on some dunderhead. Are you mad or what? Remember you deserve the best because you’re too cute and so special for that matter.

Don’t ever think of ending your life for the sake of the vows you made with the idiot. Come on my ninjas! Committing suicide is not a solution at all, think of your family; don’t forget you’re daddy’s little princess and he can’t afford to lose you.

Yes I know it’s hard to forget him because of the memories you shared but remember you can not be with the guy who is your past; he is indeed your past because you don’t love him anymore. Wake up my ninjas don’t worst your precious time thinking of how you can get back to that idiot. He’s just gonna drain your energy.

The Smiling Chinese Sexy Diva believes that everything happens for a purpose; it might happen the guy you’re keeping is blocking your blessings. You never know. Let the idiot go! After all, he’s not responsible for your success and he’s not part of your destiny. Walk away from him my sister, self-respect is the name of the game.

Don’t dare think of changing your dressing code because your relationship is complicated. I would advise you to look more beautiful so that the idiot should be thinking of getting you back and I believe on that time you will be with someone who is worth to be with you.



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