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  • The song drops on 4 June 2018

By Malchus

Years of rumor mongering about bad blood between the founder of Greenjamz Nation, and Super Sounds production owner have been put to rest as the two renowned northern region recording artists have finally done a collabo titled ‘Leka’ which means stop in English.

Zephy Oldies born as Joseph Peter Mbundungu, who founded Greenjamz Nation and also the producer behind the record, decided it was time the two multi-talented producers came together and work something out.

“Actually the reason is because me and him have never worked on a song together as two artists, we only did a group song once so it was high time we worked on something,” explains he adding that ‘the industry is booming now ‘and they really needed to be in the ‘mainstream now or never.’


Zephy has been behind the microphone and has worked with a lot of artists including Dan Lu, and the same is true with Hill top, Mzuzu resident producer Dj Kenlo, who is also active with making beats and helping other budding artists in the region.

Leka is a true narrative of a man frustrated by a lady who only wants all the goodies but fail to provide that affection that is much desired by the man in search of it. Now, the man is asking the lady to bid her childish antics goodbye.

The instrumental: it’s a fusion of pasada and some bongo-trap syncopation; the song is at the same time an expose of the two masters-their skill of not just production, but also the magic they posses in front of the condenser; thus lyricism and vocals:

“We are compiling a few tracks together and we in studio currently working on some big hits”

This particular song Leka is my song, that is why it is Zephy oldies Feat Ken lo, but there is also another track coming out which will be DJ ken lo’s feat me.” Reveals Zephy.

The undisputed and the top most producers from the north, and of Greenjamz nation and sound system production are this year set to conquer Malawi in the words of K-Man ‘together we going’ and silence beef rumor mongers and fake critics.

“True artists undermine each other a lot in the north, but with Leka and other tracks that follow are squashing the beef between the Zephy Oldies and the Kenlo Brands. We have an alliance now, which means all of us together we can grow and move further as opposed to one working alone. Of course you can go faster but not far.” He observes.

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