By John Chikheba Jnr

For starters, I’m neither female nor what my surname may wrongly insinuate (to some gullible minds).

You see, though I’m male, but I’ve been following you, the Sexy Diva for some time. Your pieces of advice are oftentimes awesome.

I came across some book, “Wealth without risk” by Charles Givens, in the preamble of the text, there’s this advice, “If you want to learn about money, learn from someone who has a lot of it.” His line of view is simple, a broke person can’t tell you nothing about being rich.

In the same way, who’s better placed to talk about what men really want from women than I, the dude who’s been in literally all types of relationships? I feel it’s only males who’re better placed to express themselves on some of the attributes they really look out for in the womenfolk.

So, without further ado, lemme expound some.

  • Physical charm

There’s no two ways about it. This is the first attribute that attracts hungry dogs to dig deeper into hunting the particulars of them chicks. You should never be cheated that beauty ain’t nothing in a relationship. That’s a lie. Beauty is part and parcel of the camaraderie. The only difference of course, is the definition of ‘beauty’. Each one of us has their own taste, and I can guarantee you that no sane dude would fall for a handsome pig, unless of course there’s some hidden agenda, say to milk her of her fat purse, but all things being equal, beauty is the major driving factor.

  • Maturity

You may have the looks but if you’re a mamma’s daughter, then voila! You’re as good as a kindergarten chap. You can’t get a serious Prince Charming. Maturity means everything to fully-grown up dude. Maturity is knowing when to do what. We them boys tend to easily be put off by some chicks who always wanna be our centre of attention. We’ve so much going on in our heads, work, soccer, beers, them boyfriends et al; so it’ not like every time our life revolves around you. One thing at a time.

Don’t get it twisted here! You’re as important as my favourite soccer team. So, there are times we’ve to priotize watching a champions’ league encounter than being busy responding to your WhatsApp texts asking me the type of meal I had for my supper. We can’t prove our affection to you via WhatsApp texts.

  • Less nagging more happiness

Directly related to maturity is frequent naggings about almost everything. By now, experienced ladies do know that men come the least in terms of expressing their affection via words, nor texts. Countless times, we dudes, may appear not to care, but deep down we do. It’s only that by our nature, we don’t need to be frequently reminding you that we care and love you. As long as you’re into our lives, just know that you mean a lot to us.

So, you’ll find some inexperienced lady busy nagging that we don’t care about them. Reason? We ain’t reminding them that we love them.

Equally disheartening is seeing, rather hearing your chick complaining that you’re not giving them their much needed attention all because you’d some chat with some lady. Damn!!

Amateur princesses will always nag about anything. They’ll accuse you of something that you’ve no clue about simply because they’d heard it from some hater who’s trynna ruin your relationship. Whatever you do or don’t becomes news to such rookies. 

  • Problem solvers

We’re your Prince Charmings, yes, but we aren’t your godfathers who need to be solving every sh!t about your personal probs. You’ve to prove that you, on your own, are also an independent decision maker. Over-reliance on us, them dudes, easily kills off our vibe. We always long for a Chick who’s gonna be able to run our families in our absence. Gone are the days you should play the biblical wife who’s always submissive to her hubby. This is the 21st century and being a jack up independent lady is the name of the game.

  • Being authentic

Impression management breeds mistrust on our part. Most dudes of Yours Truly’s caliber fall for ladies that are truly themselves. Trying to impress us by wearing a fake personality will not only make us puke but will also open exit doors for us.

The clothes you were, the food you eat, the stories you tell, all the way to the bedroom exercises, we would prefer having somebody who’s being original. Fakers have no place in our lives. Do I need to go nitty-gritty about this point?

Well, dear ladies, I hope you’ve grasped something about what we, men want from you.   



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