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Profile By Bright Mfune.

This week, your beloved column has decided to go unorthodox and focus on one of the up and coming sports journalists, Yohane Chideya. Many sports fanatics might have known him through his time at TIMES media group. Well, now, he has jumped ship and is with Rainbow Tv. That, however, is not our focus here.

Our religion is sports as usual.

Yohane Chideya’s name literally came out of the blues. For out of nowhere, his bylines started becoming a common feature at the back pages of the TIMES Groups’ papers, not to mention their Times TV.

No wonder, different national and regional sports awards started flocking his direction. For in just two years he has been in the industry, he has already been decorated with three senior sports journalists’ awards. Simply put, Yohane Chideya is the next best thing to have landed unto our sports industry.

You usual man, Bright Mfune unearths the unknown world of this energetic writing wizard.

Name: Yohane Chideya

Date of Birth: 30 November 1993.

Home Village : Msomo Village.. T/A Ngabu, Chikwawa

Marital status: Single

Denomination: Roman Catholic

Favorite food: Rice with beans

Favorite song : ‘Praying for you’ by Lecrae

Academic background

I have a Diploma in Journalism obtained from the Malawi Institute of Journalism (Mzuzu Campus). Prior to that, I attained my MSCE at Ngabu Secondary school in Chikwawa.

I was a nomadic pupil back then in my primary school days. Standard 1 and 2, I was at Demonstration primary in Zomba. Standard 3, I was at Police Primary school, and from 4 up to 8, I completed it at Makande primary school in my home district.

When did you start sports reporting?

I started when I was in my first year at Mij (Malawi Institute of Journalism ) in 2013. I used to write for fun because I didn’t have a platform where I could send my stories then.

So I was just archiving them. The climax was when I had started my internship at Malawi News Agency ( MANA) in 2014. It gave me a platform to have my work published. Though I was doubling as a national desk reporter but I also used to write sports stories

Was sports reporting, your childhood dream?

Yes. I started loving sports at the age of 10. So it was embedded in me though I may do another job in life, I will not run away from sports.

You’ve been winning awards like nobody’s business, any secret?

Trusting God is the greatest secret. But for God to help you, you have to pray while you are working harder, dedicated to work, be passionate and love what you are doing as well as read how international news outlets write their stories to learn one or two things.

Any role models you grew up admiring (in the journalism industry)?

Late Ralphael Tenthani (May his soul continue to rest in peace) .He loved his job at heart and worked at the highest level that every journalist would love to work; BBC RADIO.

Where do you see yourself in five years from now?

I believe in one step at a time and I just want to do school in the next two years and master in sports writing

Which team do you support internationally?

I am Chelsea fan and Eden Hazard is the player I like most

Sports journalism, unlike other fields in journalism, is highly gender imbalanced as only a few ladies are there, any reason you think ladies despise sport reporting in Malawi?

The fear of unknown.

But I feel that if they can start loving it they have an advantage of excelling because there are very few (female) sports reporters and presenters in electronic media and no reporter in the print media, the whole country.

Any message to youths out there who want to study journalism especially sports reporting?

Sports reporting needs passion and desire to learn day by day. Watch everything local, and international games; every sport, not just football. Read everything such as football rules, hockey rules and how other international media houses write their stories.

Fast facts

He is the only child in the family of Mr and Mrs Chideya

Has won three sports awards

  • First emerged the Best Television Reporter for NRFA Simama Premier Division in 2016 season… (Five months after joining Times Group)
  • Best Print reporter in the same competition for 2017
  • Third best print reporter for TNM Super League for 2017 season.



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