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  • Endorses Chilima for Presidency

Chifundo Zingunde

The heatwave that has rocked Malawi recently has not spared the soccer fraternity as Malawi’s living soccer legend, former national team coach and player, Kinnah Phiri has joined the United Transformation Movement during the party’s northern region launch at Mzuzu upper Stadium on Saturday.

This comes at a time when politicians from other parties are defecting to the newly formed party.

Kinnah Phiri, who felt betrayed by the former and current leaders of the nation, told the mammoth crowd that witnessed the launch, that (Saulos) Chilima’s love for sports has convinced Kinnah of joining frontline politics. The former Flames’mentor said he is now geared to ensure Chilima becomes the country’s first citizen come May21st 2019.

“Among all the leaders, he (Chilima) is the only one who has thanked me for my service. Saulosi Chilima has proven beyond reasonable doubt that he is a sports man. That’s the kind of a leader we want in this nation, not passive Presidents,” he persuaded.

The former Malawian footballer, further bemoaned the current dilapidated state of Mzuzu stadium of which according him, the current government through the minister of finance dished out his call of prioritizing stadium construction in the northern capital.

“He (referring to current minister of finance) told me that they are prioritizing airport construction. But who will board a plane? We need a stadium because it is a place where people meet. We need a stadium as a priority,” said Kinnah.

Kinnah (centre) and Mzuzu City MP, Leonard Njikho Sharing Light Moments

Before endorsing Salousi Chilima for presidency, Kinnah also called on the current leader of United Transformation Movement to ensure that the northern capital has a youth recreation center once he gets into the office of the president next year.

“I tell you, youths here do not have a recreation centre where they can meet. We need this once you get into the office. It’s good that you’re here and have heard for yourself,” he said.

Kinnah Phiri becomes the first high profile sports personality to endorse Chilima for presidency and join the latter’s United Transformation Movement.



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