Tay Grin



By Patience Lunda and Anderson Manning’s Gowa

Take a deep sip of Chipapapa fruit Juice, otherwise if you keep on Lubwing, you will dehydrate with narratives of success and rumor mongering of King Lubwa, the master, Big Boss Tay Grin the Great as he is not yet done with surprises.

He is classy, his style of dress and grooming is 90 percent talk of musicians.

Painful fact, he has more local and international awards than any other musician on the local amphitheater.

If you happen to visit the King’s mansion you will be shocked with the display of affluence Grin has made through the same music you are Lubwing about.

If this was in some high school, he would be the revered genius, all angelic ladies are yapp-yapping for his hand in a relationship.

Fancy his hair, Eeish! Classic.

When he releases a song, the image of Lubwa crews is that of a dog with a long tail facing a fierce Germany shepherd dog breed with sharp marauding teeth, immediately withdraw tail tacked down in fear of being subjected to some lessons.

After a prolonged time facing a hailstorm of cheap talks, King Grin had to come out buzzing and stinging like a bee to cut shot the cheap talk by fishing out a three minute one second banger, the Lubwa tune.

Lubwa was fully packaged with whatever the haters were nattering.

You see, as The King is fully aware of his subjects so was Grin in the know what his subjects were conversing. And the best way out was to lay them bare their talk with facts so that when they do a tête-à-tête they just have to play Lubwa.

Come on haters, you mean for how long can someone sustain paying competition organizers to corrupt them with the view of giving Grin an award? Get a life.

So you mean he even goes international to corrupt Whiteman overseas for an award”Pathetic.

You see EM is afraid the drug you are taking is driving you to Zomba mental hospital, take a break go for medication guys, thus a brotherly caution.

If you thought the Lubwa tune was a crackerjack of completely shuttering down the Nkula power force of yapp-yappers, check the video. You will dehydrate with King Grin as envy will invade you asking yourself who the Nyau kiing really is.

The graphics, the dancing, the dress the scenery conspicuously on point depicting the many cheap talks unsuccessful individuals are feeding the masses.

Don’t forget that King Grin will stand as a member of parliament. Wow!

The parliament will be like “no more lubwing honorable members let’s do some business for the betterment of our constituents”.

How the two EM reporters wish they were part of the 2019 MP’s crusade as the weather forecast is, the august house with king Grin in, will be massively lit.

As if all was enough on Grin menu, the Nyau king has considered everyone to at least peruse through the Grin world with Chipapa fruit Juice.

The drink inspired by the international hit song Chipapapa he did with comrade 2Baba is promising to upset the beverage market.

Chipapapa fruit drink

The taste is bossy as it quenches the long standing perplexing thirst immediately. The sugar levels befitting all ages no need for diabetic patients to worry about. Surely top notch hotels will bay for this drink.

At a party if there is no Chipapapa fruit juice, the party has to stop, up until the organizers purchase Chipapapa.

When president Arther Peter Mutharika was launching the buy Malawian campaign, Grin was like what I can do to make Adadi’s materialize?

He banged heads and went on a market research, the outcome is the unique Chipapa fruit juice. Taste the drink with a range of captivating fruity flavors.

Come on Tay Grin, the authors are busy grinning with the sugariness of Chipapapa fruit juice you supplied them with to sample. And guess what grin, the outcome is a tag wagging.



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