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As the world is still suffering the traumatic experience of novel Corona Virus, Malawi’s talented RnB artist- Joe kellz has become the first musician in Malawi to host live Facebook concerts aiming at keeping those who are quarantined, entertained.

The concerts are centered on the Corona Virus information with the golden voice-Kellz mostly informing and educating his fans of how to avoid contracting the virus, among others.

This comes at a time when many countries are now under lockdown in Covid 19 related issues. Currently, Malawi has over 100 people in ‘isolation’ with four confirmed cases of corona virus.

Kellz first hit a 27 minute live Facebook performance exactly at 7:05 AM  on  29th March before electricity blackout disturbed his other concerts the following days.

Such an outstanding performance has won Kellz praise from his fans globally.

Below are Facebook comments

According Joe Kellz, his music enthusiasm and love for the fans motivated him to come up with such a platinum idea.

“My love for music and my love for my fans were the best motivation to this idea. I have no idea how long this ‘lockdown’ is gonna last but I’m sure I can’t stay that long without doing music. And I’m also sure my fans couldn’t stay that long without seeing me perform. So, I just had to do this,” He said.

He added: “More importantly the need to comfort each other at a time like this was the best motivation. We still need to make each other smile, and laugh no matter what’s happening in the world.”

Despite some renowned artists canceling their projects since most of the attention in the world is to the pandemic still   the fearless Joe Kellz has announced to release some projects with an aim of dealing with stress that comes with the pandemic.

” I will still be releasing new projects because I believe that in-spite of the fears people have in their homes during the lock-downs…they will still need to be entertained. Music is one of the best therapies to stress, and I will be glad to provide that therapy to my fans,” he vows.

Kellz has further called on fellow artists to be vigilant in using online platforms to be engaging with their fans during this corona season

“This is the best time to become more creative to keep them relaxed in their homes using our online platforms. Our fans spare their time and money to come watch our live concerts. I believe this is one of the ways to return the favour,” He advised.

Meanwhile, the talented artist and his band-Mphukira, will hold series of live concerts soon after the ‘demise’ of the current pandemic.



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