By Philes Davis

The shoes on my feet, I’ve bought it

The clothes I’m wearing, I’ve bought it!

The rock I’m rocking, I’ve bought it!

‘cause I depend on me if I want it!

(Destiny’s Child – Independent Women)

In this era of Slay Queens, it is very rare for super-gorgeous ladies to have it all all by themselves. In this generation, most of our uptown ladies are ‘predators’ who are ready to pounce on unsuspecting men out there.

Show me an elegant young lady, and I will show you one hell of a Slay Queen who has nothing but men to prowl on. That, however is not the case with one Jesse Bvumbwe-Val, who, at the age of 37 is a proud owner of a successful fashion line, Jbvuuhair.

Known for its exquisite artificial hairs, Jbvuuhair is becoming the talk of town to all uptown ladies in Lilongwe and surrounding areas. It is one stop shop that every fashion-conscious diva in town is falling for.

According to her, opening Jbvuuhair has been a solution to some female problems as it is offering unique products that were nonexistent on the local market.

“I decided to venture into original expensive nice hairs, and I think it wasn’t a wrong choice as the business seem to be taking shape. My products are up-to-standard, no wonder many people flock to my shop,” she challenges.

Early life

Born in Lilongwe, enterprising Jessy has had entrepreneurial blood in her since childhood.

“Since time immemorial, I’ve always had this passion to be my own boss; I’d always wanted to own my own enterprise. And such a dream has always been pushing me through,” she recalls.

Whilst at a tender age, in early 1990’s, Jesse and her family migrated to the land of opportunities, the United States of America. It is here that she has spent most of her life, grooming herself to be where she is currently.

After over a decade in diaspora, energetic Jesse made her maiden visit to her motherland. And as expected, love was rekindled.  She fell head over heels with her Mother Land. Since then, she has made it a habit to be visiting the warm heart of Africa, annually.

“East, West, home is Best. That’s why I’ve made it a habit to be visiting Malawi annually. I would like to be abreast of business affairs here (Malawi),” says she. 

The genesis into entrepreneurship

Prior to establishing Jbvuuhair, Jesse’s serious entry into the noble world of entrepreneurship got kicking in 2010 when she partnered her sister, Chimwemwe, into a conglomerate called Josmar boutique,dealing with fashionable clothing lines.

“Josmar boutique deals with fashionable clothings, and related products,” she highlights.

And it is out of Josmar Botique that Jbvuuhair has come into fruition. It is, according to her, a brain-child of the former.

“My shop is a combination of my sister (Chimwemwe)’s boutique and I. It’s more of an extension of her boutique but with a specialization in hair products,” she says.

Secret to success

Jesse says for one to succeed as an entrepreneur, they have to priotize customer satisfaction ahead of anything else. She says her success is owed to her customers.

“I provide quality products. I don’t want them to complain at all. Once my customers are satisfied, I always know that my business is going to boom,” she reveals.  

What a man can do, a woman can do it twice

Contrary to popular Malawian belief that married women are but a property of the hubby, Jesse has an objection. To her, she feels marriage should be the fuel to propel a lady to greater heights.

“My husband, James is one of the most supportive persons I’ve ever encountered. He’s been there for me,” she praised.

Personal satisfaction

You might think successful as Jesse is, money is the major motivating factor. Wrong! To her, every time she sees her clients’ faces wearing happy smiles, her heart beats with joy, for in her world, a customer is a queen.

“Every time I see them happy, I always know that I’ve achieved more than money; it’s an honor to see people blushing off all the way because of my products.” Reveals she.

Role models

Jesse’s parents are her greatest icons to her successful life today.  Desirable parenting skills and their unceasing love for the family gave Jesse that passion to be like them. They are her day one role models.

“There’s no better teacher than my parents. They’ve been there for me since my childhood, and it’s through them that I have learnt how to live well with others, and also how to manage my family” she attributes.

True to Jesse’s words, she is now living to be like her parents. Aside from her tight schedule, she is also running All for Malawi, a charity origination that assists the needy, especially those with special needs, back home. For five years, youthful Jesse Bvumbwe has been helping the less privileged so they too could also live a meaningful life by offering them the little she has and see their livelihood being uplifted.

Such, ladies and gentlemen, is the glorious life of one Jesse Bvumbwe-Val, an entrepreneur, and a silent altruistic heroine from the warm heart of Africa. 

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