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Silver Lining Music company’s first project, Nyusensi Riddim has got a five-star boost following a music video by one of Jamaica’s recording artists, and radio host, DJ Zabrick.

Zabrick, the founder of Zabrick Firesyde Promotion, a music promotion company is also well known for his online radio shows and dancehall compilations CDs, and artist promotion from all corners of the globe, among others.

In the riddim, the revered recording artist had a banger called, “Di Fire’ a feel-so-good song that promotes positivity.

According to Zabrick, he has decided to release the music video of the song, Di Fire, as it is “One of the best songs I’ve ever done. It’s clean for radio and is a transformation new approach to dancehall music.”

Zabrick is no stranger to working with international artists and Africans in particular. He has worked with some of the heavyweights in the game in the likes of Vybz Kartel, Gyptian, Mr Peppa and a whole lot more.

On the ‘mother land’, Africa, he has also worked with a couple of them. It is however, the link with Silver Lining Music Company that he has felt to be truly respected.

“Been voicing music for African producers for years now but none never really appreciated me like this current team, Silver Lining Music Company. It’s always a blessing doing musical works with my African brothers,” he revealed.

Zabrick | Song Artwork

On his part, the producer of the Nyusensi riddim, BeatMap, himself, one half of Silver Lining Music Company says it was a dream coming true working with a revered artist of Zabrick’s stature.

“This is so exciting. I mean, here’s a guy from a country where dancehall is part of their culture. So it’s like I’m recognized in the greatest dancehall nation on earth,” he praised.

Asked if this was a once-off marriage between Firesyde and Silver Lining Music Company, both Zabrick, and Beat Map said it was a happily ever after affair.

Says Zabrick, “Look out for more of works coming from my team and Silver Lining Music Company. We’re already doing a lot of projects everyday. The team is very focused and I also have a lot in store for the world to consume,” he revealed.

BeatMap also agreed with Zabrick saying there is a lot that the two companies are already doing and planning to dish out in the near future.

“It’s everybody’s dream to go international. Working with Zabrick’s Firesyde Promotions is making our team have a deeper insight into what this business is all about. We’re both learning from each other. We can’t promise much but there’s a lot for the world out there,” he promises.

About the impending music video

From the snippets that EM has seen, the video clips have been shot in various places in one of Jamaica’s most popular townships, Portmore with Music UK, and Sky Velocity team behind the shooting.

Coincidentally, the shooting has also been done at the same time Silver Lining Music Company has been finalizing the shooting of two of Nyusensi Riddim’s songs, Blessings (Tacy Slim, and King Bobo), and Pool Lay’s Good Daddy.

Already, Fire Bwouy’s Sugar, and No Limit’s “99+1”, and “Brighter Day” by Uganda’s Rachel M had already been shot.

Who is Zabrick?

Born Christopher Reid, Zabrick was born in Portland, Jamaica. Currently, Portmore is his base.

Having worked with the who and who’s of Jamaica’s dancehall arena, the Selector-cum-recording artist came into the limelight with his popular songs, “Call Lowe the likkle Pickeney”, “wi up”, “living my life”, and many others.

He has been voicing out for various international producers from Russia, Africa, and allover JA.

It was no wonder that he had a European Tour two years ago (UK and Germany).

Origin of the musical name

The name was coined from “Brick”. And according to him, “Brick is tuff (tough). So, I’m the brick in the music industry.”

How to find Zabrick’s music  

  • Youtube: Zabrick Music
  • Spotify: Zabrick Music
  • Amazon: Zabrick Music
  • Cdbaby: Zabrick Music
  • Phoneline: +18762782727



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