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By Love T. Msoso.

It’s the first of its kind! Vibrant youths from Dzaleka refugee camp in Dowa have organized themselves to stage a historical cultural fashion show dubbed Dzaleka Cultural Fashion (DCF) from the 7th to 16th of December 2018, it has been learnt.

The gala, a brainchild of Dzaleka Youth Congress (DYC), an umbrella of youth groups around the camp, aims at promoting peaceful co-existence between the residents from the camp and the ‘outside’ world. According to DYC’s chairperson, Alain Bitijula, serenity amongst people of various cultures is crucial for their livelihood and the nation at large. That is why his organization has involved participants from all corners of the world.

“This event is mainly aimed at achieving a peaceful co-existence with the local authorities as well as achieving credibility and connection between the refugees at the camp and the outside world. “He reveals.

That is not all. Apart from the social factor, Dzaleka Cultural Fashion is also targeting the promotion of the girl-child by utilizing their talents into something meaningful in their lives.

“During this event, we expect to see youths exposing their talents and in the process encourage girls to go back to school hence encouraging girl child education, ” said he.

Alain Bitijula

Bitijula further called for Malawian designers as well to come and join other designers during the cultural event.

“We would also like to showcase Malawian culture during the event hence our calling for Malawian Fashion designers to come and join us, ”

Currently, various foreign nationals have already started confirming of their presence and eventual participation in this maiden gala.

“So far the Japanese have already confirmed of their participation. Apart from the Japanese we also have the Rwandese, Congolese, Somalians, Sudanese, and Ethiopians who are all set for the show,” he reveals.

Minus ‘local’ participants, revered fashion designers from various parts of Malawi are also set for the festival. The likes of Roy View designs, Isabel from Lilongwe, Moreen from Blantyre and Tapiwa from Salima.

Dzaleka Fashion | previous event

The future

To all Doubting Thomases, Alain promises nothing but fireworks and says Dzaleka Cultural Fashion ishere to stay.

“This event is the first of its kind and I am assuring you that it’s here to stay. He challenges.

Dzaleka Cultural Fashion will have a main show on Sunday the 16th December 2018 at Sunbird Capital Hotel in Lilongwe. Prior to that, on Friday the 7th of December 2018, participants will clean Dzaleka Health Centre, and two days later, there will be a Pre-Fashion show at African Bar, within the Dzaleka Camp.

This whole event has been sponsored by SUNBIRD Hotels, and MUSIC CROSSROAD.

Dzaleka Cultural Fashion



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