Dr L Chakwera, The President of Malawi

It’s an honour to have you on board, Mr President! But… (PART ONE)

The Young Generation

By Nellisah Tembo

Finally, Malawians have decided. Democracy has won. People have spoken. Bravo Malawians for we wanted a different system, and it has come. Congratulations to you, Mr President and all your team, are in order.

While we are all jovial and celebrating this change, allow me to take some time to talk to you Sir, Our Citizen Number One. I will talk to you on behalf of my fellow youths out there.

Sir, the dust is now settling. All celebrations are but over. Now is the time to walk the talk. Need I remind you Mr President, that the victory that we are celebrating today was partly fought by the youths who needed change so badly that they risked their lives fighting for it?  It will be great if in your glory you do not forget these youths. Recognise them Sir. They need to be involved in decision making processes. Decisions which reflect the needs of youths can easily be considered if they are made by the youths themselves. This is where we need youths in higher positions be it in cabinet or key government positions.

In as much as we await to see the much touted one million jobs being created for Malawians who are able to work, there are some of us Youths who are into entrepreneurship. Mr President, our efforts to create our own businesses and possibly provide work for others would be worthless if there are no deliberate policies put in place to support our little efforts. We need policies which do not discourage us from starting up our small businesses; policies that will create an enabling environment for youth-owned businesses.

Sir, kindly ensure to support us in our small endeavours by creating loans which will boost these small enterprises. Loans which are collateral free so that it would be easy for the youths to access them. For there are youths who have great ideas but fail to do so for lack of support and funding. Create trainings which will boost these young minds.

We have youths out there who long graduated from various tertiary institutions, but are jobless. Not that they are not qualified, but for a sole reason of lack of on-the-job experience. Companies and Organisations want to employ people who already have years of experience. This leaves out the fresh graduates who end up jobless and idle. Creating viable internship opportunities for these people would help to provide them with at least some form of experience which they can use to secure jobs somewhere. (Or better still creating a way these graduates could be employed fresh from their respective tertiary institutions.).

Mr President, the victory we are celebrating today is not just a victory for you; it is a victory for a majority of Malawians who wanted change. It is our plea that we also live to see that change come into effect for the better. It would be heart-breaking for you to forget the battle that we fought together and opt for something different than what you promised poor Malawians during your campaign.

It is common practice that politicians will coax people to vote them into power, and once successful, they tend to forget the people behind that success. As you have seen change in the fact that Malawians removed you from the opposition side and placed you in the ruling side, return the favour by committing to the ideas that made Malawians usher you the presidency. We are tired of recycled politicians. We are tired of empty promises. Be the first politician in Malawi to keep his words. We need to see a new Malawi. A new way of doing things. We have instilled that trust in you. Don’t let us lose it. Let this change be for us all.

It is an hour, Mr President to have you around. We have the hope that you and your team are going to deliver.



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