Dr L Chakwera, The President of Malawi

It’s an honour to have you Mr President (part two)


By Fiona Jacques Manda

Mr President and all your cabinet, the honeymoon is but over, Now is the time to right all the wrongs from the previous administration. You were there when Mother Malawi was being driven into oblivion courtesy of maladministration. It was a free-for-all administration. The evidence is there.

Last week, my sister had offered some free pieces of advice on what we, ordinary young Malawians are expecting from you. I’ll proceed from there this week.

Fulfil your campaign promises

Mr President, for the fact that people ushered you the presidency, it shows that people had trust in your capabilities. They were convinced with your blueprint of how you want to turn Malawi into a middle-income country. You were their only hope for a better Malawi.

So, now what Malawians want are actions. This is the time for you and your cabinet to walk the talk. Fulfil all your promises and make Malawi a better place for all.  

Embrace all Malawians

It is pretty obvious a cross section of Malawians did not vote for you. Well, that is the beauty of democracy. You are a Malawian president, a president for all Malawians, including those who voted for other candidates.

We do not need a replica of the previous regime where the majority of developmental projects were headed in a certain region, and key decision making positions were favouring a certain group of Malawians.

Let all Malawians from all walks of life enjoy Malawi as it is. Let not Malawi be a Malawi of your kinsmen only, neither should it be of your sympathisers only.  This is the time to build Malawi. This is the Malawi for all.

Uplift the status of the youths

We’re tired of seeing the youths heavily underutilized. Let capable youths assist you in shaping the direction of this country. It’s high time Malawian youths stopped from being used for political victimization of opponents. This is the time to consider youths in decision making positions.

Majority of the country’s population is made up of the citizenry that is less than 35 years old. What a better way to serve their interests than having some of them in those positions of influence?  

This is the time to make it happen and have the youths taking the mantle of the country’s major driving positions.

Bring to book all government looters

Some time back, the late State President of our beloved Motherland, Bingu Wa Mutharika, during his inauguration ceremony in his first tenure of office, had claimed that Malawi was a rich country, only that her citizens were lacking in depth knowledge of turning around their misfortunes. He had claimed that Malawi had all the resources of economically elevating herself. And indeed, his first tenure saw Malawi economically transformed.  

It is so unfortunate that the past seven or so years has seen Malawi swimming in deep poverty waters. Not that her citizenry was not hardworking (read, smart working), no, but some greedy Malawians who felt they were more Malawian than the rest and that all resources, public resources, were theres. Billions of Malawian Kwachas have been channelled to undeserving destinations denying deserving Malawians quality public services. Filth clouded almost all corners of various government departments.

Now, Mr President, this is the time to make these greedy Malawians pay. Let the rule of law take its course and condemn these rascals to where they belong, jails.

Mr President, there’s no way we can move forward if these underserving Malawians can still be enjoying the free air yet the general public had been condemned to abject poverty courtesy of the formers’ acts. Let them face justice! Let sanity prevail. In that way, Mr President can you truly build a new Malawi, better for all.

Well, Mr President, I can go on and on offering some tid-bits of what we, the youths, feel you should also consider in your operations. However, I know you have capable sons and daughters of Malawi who are ready to foster your dream. Let them do their work.

I wish you all the best, Mr President. Once again, it’s an honour to have you on board!



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