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By Ruth Kathumba

Videography is slowly becoming one of the most sort after fields locally. Day in day out, videographers are sprouting in almost all corners of the country.

Although it is becoming hard, rather requires one with a third eye to differentiate shoddy from real ‘men’ in the industry, some of the artworks do not need a professional to appreciate their craftmanship.

One such remarkable videographer whose works are becoming internationally eye-catching is Penjani Mbepuza who is trading under the name, Shady HD.

Shady HD is the brains behind Ghetto Icon Imagination, a budding videography outfit based in Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa.

Mbepuza traces his videography roots to 2009 after his brother, Watson Labana who owned a production studio in Bangwe Blantyre then, motivated him to join the creative industry.

 “I didn’t go to school to learn about video production as some artists do; I learned it from my brother and I have been working on perfecting the skill to get to this level,” he said.

Since he ventured into video production in 2009, he has worked with different musicians like Mashakado and Waxy Kay in a song titled  kumathokoza, W twice in a song titled Malume, Nyasa B, Zidzukulu za Mafunyeta and Unyakanyaka among others.

Shady HD is now self-employed as he works for himself when shooting and editing videos. He says he is not short of facing challenges.

“Low payments from our artists is major challenge as some artists rush into hiring me to produce videos for their songs while they are not properly prepared to foot the hiring costs.

“During my initial days, I did not have the right equipment to produce high quality videos to compete with established producers but with the passing of time, I managed to procure enough and strong equipment that produce high resolute quality videos,” he said.

Currently shady HD plies his trade in South Africa. He left Malawi for South Africa in 2018 where he works in order to enhance his production skills as, according to him South Africa is technologically advanced in this field, hence god for him to improve his skills.  

“I worked so hard here in South Africa to raise money and buy equipment; right now I have powerful cameras, a drone, and Gaming PCs for video production. I am able to work with different artists from South Africa and some from Zimbabwe,” he said.

He said he has managed to shoot and produce videos for Zimbabwean artists namely Clint in a song called she is on fire, and Cliftan in a song called high time.

 “Since I have procured high tech equipment, it is my wish to release beautiful videos. It is my dream to reach the level of Kyle White, a South African Video Director and Essim the Chief Executive Officer at Animal Lab Productions in Malawi,” he said.



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