By Philes Davis

Over time, the Fat Sexy Diva has been privy to numerous friends’ convos complaining of their love lives being no longer exciting as they used to.  It appears most of the Fat one’s friends are ignorant of some easy steps of making their camaraderie forever exciting.

You see, over time, love birds expect some third party to reinvigorate their love lives. Nuh! Contrary to popular belief that the ankhoswes can mend your broken relationships, the Sexy One is of the school of thought that every love bird is a master/mistress of their own fate. It is you who can make your love life either exciting or boring.

Of course, it is normal for your love life to go south at times. However, it is absurd for it to remain there.

So, if you are like one of those SD’s colleagues who are clueless on how to re-energize their love life again, then be my guest as the Fat Sexy One shares some of the little secrets of making your other life happily ever-after.

  • Change is necessary…but not always

Most of Malawian relationships are too predictable. When in a relationship, love birds  try to play it the Hollywood way, but once it’s a legal entity, all that stops. For the why??

You’ll see a couple having all sorts of poses when doing it, you know, but once they’re in a marriage, missionary becomes the order of the day.

You’ll find out that ladies stop taking care of theirselves just because they’re now married. Like really? So, do you expect your man to be entertaining that?

Thing is, your man settled for you for the very same reasons, sexual poses, and what-have-you that you used to be giving him. Once your dude realizes these aren’t no longer in you, never cry if you see him knocking unto your best friend’s doors.

  • Don’t stop

Don’t stop spoiling your man with the little presents you used to shower him. First you would do the needful when it’s his special occasions either birthday or his success moments you need to spoil him with his favorite drinks or presents.  A little blushing over to him turns him on completely to the extent he will brag about it to his friend.

  • You’re not old to have fun

Stopbehaving like old people. You’re still young and you’ve a life ahead of you. So stop making it sound like your life is ending today and you’re living a Holy-God-receive-me type of lifestyle. You need to express your feelings as a young person. God gave sex to you to enjoy it till you die and the most enjoying moments are when you’re young. So, have more sex if you want, treat him like he’s your only source of hope…do whatever you feel like to him; he is all you got. Mind you, you only live once!

  • Care less for what people say

Good things attract a lot of eyes. You see, never ever give a space to an outsider to tell you how you’re supposed to be handling your man. He is yours and yours alone. Outsiders are often times, the back bone of failed relationships. Do what you think is right to your man, and leave the rest to dogs. At times, the source of your sour relationship could be hearsay from rapid dogs. So, if you wanna be happy in your love life, ignore them outsiders.

Fellow Divaz, and distant cousin Slay Queens, when you have your man, treat him right. Have fun from day one and never ever cease to do so for once you peddle the reverse gear, that’s gonna be the day you’re gonna lose him.



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