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By Philes Davis

From the Fat Sexy Diva’s world, it’s okay to date countless wanna-bes (on at a time of course) before you finally tie the knot. Of course, it does reach a time when you wanna settle for that one man, or chick who you would live happily-ever-after with.

However, it’s also common knowledge that no matter how many dudes you date, nor how many chics you ‘recruit’, at times, they all seem not to make it with you to the altar. They don’t qualify.

To others, it’s damn hectic for them to identify if their catches are the real deals for their future life or just one of those you wanna just have flings with.

Well, fellow uptowners, your baybie girl’s here to give you some tips on how you can easily identify or separate chuffs from the real stuff. Here are some of the indicators.

  1. The attention they give you is lit

True love doesn’t need no love guru for you to identify it. You just feel it when you’re into it. You’ll easily note that you keep falling in love with your loved one day in day out. He, or she becomes your best friend, your diary, literary your everything. Once you are into this mode, just know it; it’s voilá! The altar is waiting for you.

  • He’s full of smiling face when with you

Forget the cheating genius, for he too is adept at putting on fake smiles.  But if you’re as experienced as The Fat One, it’s very easy to spot it. Smiles are one of the chief ingredients of a lifelong relationship. What’s the point of being in a relationship when stress is gonna be your everyday livelihood?

Mr Right would make efforts to make you happy no matter what. He would love to see a little smile on your face; he would respect you, and value you. Above all, he’s gonna shower you with all the love. A good man will be known by how much he makes you smile despite the hiccups you may be encountering along the way.

  • He loves your imperfect perfection

So long as you’re a human being, then imperfection shall always be there. The Real Deal is gonna love you the way you are, not what he wants you to be. He would accept you for you, with no reservations.  Mr Right would want you to act normal; to being your trueself, and still enjoy every second with you.   Mr Right One will love the imperfect you, perfectly.

  • He knows the little things about you

Stupid, right? Simple things make relationships stronger, and lively. Stupid as they may seem, but that’s what arouses ladies’ souls. A real man will know the silliest and little stuffs about you. Things like what makes you happy, scream, stressed, you name it! True relationship isn’t about big big things. Small is good.

  • He’s always truthful

There’s nothing more appetizing to a lady than having a virtuous man. These, unfortunately, are rare species. One of the easiest indicators on the same is if he’s being truthful, no matter the consequence.  Truth hurts, so they say, but The Fat Sexy One says a lie is even worse. So a good loving dude wouldn’t tell you lies. For what?


Fellow Divaz, let’s make it our goal to have that one trusted dude whom we can truly call, Mr Right. It’s high time we quitted being men’s objects!



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