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Opinion By Lonjezo Idrissa.

A couple of weeks into his new political lyrical propaganda that sugar-coated the current ruling machinery, Afro-Pop dreadlocked icon, Dan Lu is at it again; this time with another litany, Winanso Ayi.

Unlike Lozani Zanu where Dan Lu almost entirely exaggerated the developmental marathon the country has sailed through under the current ruling clique, the Democratic Progressive Party, Winanso Ayi mostly praised the first citizen for (of course, as expected) baling Malawi out of the oceans of poverty.

Of course here and there, the traces of amplification are there, and will be tackled properly shortly. In Winanso Ayi, Dan Lu argues that the state president, Peter Mutharika is the trump card that is the talk of the nation, (for positive feats).

Nkhani ili mkamwankamwa ndi ya a Peter,

Mtsogoleri wabwino wokonda anthu ake

Dan used the hook to lure undecided voters into joining the ‘bandwagon’ of the Deep Blue Sea’.

Winanso ayi, winanso ayi, tati winanso ayi

Dziko lagwirizana, winanso ayi,

M’tsogoleri ndani? Peter yekha,

Dan Lu’s stance is simple; only APM (Arthur Peter Mutharika) is the gem that has a proven track record of steering Malawi to prosperity, nobody else hence all and sundry is satisfied with him (the president’s candidacy).

The exaggeration, however becomes visible in the subsequent verse as Dan Lu plays around with people’s ignorance (at the listener’s own risk) and claims Malawi is now swimming in rivulets of gold courtesy of the current ruling machinery. This is despite the fact that practical examples on the ground point on the contrary; swelling unemployment levels, shortage of medicines in public hospitals, dwindling education standards, frequent electricity blackouts…the list is too numerous, but Dan Lu plays is blind.

DPP yavuula dzikoli mu ng’anjo ya moto

Tinasiya kuyenda cheucheu

That’s not all! Even though it is clearly known to most people around the country that it is the Chinese government that donated one hundred police vehicles to the Malawi Police Service, Dan Lu has misrepresented this in the lines,

Abwana mwapereka magalimoto one hundred kwa apolisi

Ttikugona kukhomo kosatseka

And then he covers his gaffes with some half-truths in the next lines.

Mwatimangira Ngala technical college ku Karonga

to emphasis some of the technical colleges that Peter Mutharika’s government has so far constructed.

Furthermore, the use of the statement “Munthu ndi munthu ngosayamika ungam’konze bwanji kwake nkunyoza” was slotted in to mean that there are a lot of people who don’t appreciate the good deeds that other people do for them, and in this case, he was referring to that a majority of Malawians is not appreciating the good deeds APM has been delivering to hard-to-please Malawians.

In the last verse, Dan Lu continues praising Mutharika by mentioning some other developments that he has done such as the construction of Ntcheu bus depot, Salima Sugar Company, Sanje trading centre and others.

In his closing lines, Dan Lu exaggerates on the development projects by Peter Mutharika by saying that Zitukuko mwadziona, kuti nditchule zonse mpaka kundichera” mainly to give a positive picture in the eyes of the listeners that Peter Mutharika has done a lot of development in the country and as such, he deserves a second term.

With such kind of songs, it is pretty obvious that the Blue side of Malawi will be over the moon for Winanso Ayi is directly hitting their souls. They will definitely turn a blind eye on all the mishaps mother Malawi is experiencing. Winanso Ayi is a song that is going to be a common feat on their playlist.

Life after May 21st 2019

Ever thought of what will become of Dan Lu after all the political dust settles? Will the other political sympathisers ever forgive the Shupie star? Won’t he likely lose some of his potential sponsors?

Not a long time ago, one Phungu Joseph Nkasa’s relevance ceased to exist the moment he kept on raping Malawians’ minds courtesy of his chameleon-like attitude of switching political cards in his songs. Now, Nkasa is a persona-non-grata musically. So, is Dan Lu heading in the same direction?

Let’s wait and see; only time will tell!



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