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Reggae dancehall music is one such genre that is gaining momentum each passing day. Gone are the days when we had a handful of artists commanding proceedings in the industry.

Flip-flopping the pages, cometh 2020, the panorama is different. Levels have changed. There is no ‘ring-leader’ in the genre anymore. 

More and more youngsters are jumping into this ship; dishing out some of scintillating lyrics, and danceable tunes.

One such youngster is Blantyre-based 19-year-old twinkle little star, Inno busy. Appearance looks too small for an artist to send shockwaves but listening to some of his punchlines, one would easily leave their mouths ajar; in disbelief of the delivery that this wonderboy dishes when he is behind the booth.

The award-winning Radio Dj, Dj joy Nathu is amongst those who were left speechless upon listening to some of inno busy songs. To him, the kid is one of the futures of local reggae dancehall in the country.

“The youngster has a brighter future in the music industry. If he can be properly shaped, he’s going to be somewhere shortly,” he praised.

Born on 7th September 2000, real name Innocent Bailoni, the little genus says it is his dream to be at the pinnacle of the genre soon.

“I want to be at the helm of local dancehall in five years from now,” he dreams.


Meaning of the stage name, Inno Busy

“It means someone innocent”

Origin of the passion in music

“When I was young, I just had that inner feeling that I had the potential to sing. Then, I just started scribbling some amateurish lyrics, but I never recorded them. In 2018, that’s when I managed to release my first professional single, Amene Ndimafuna.”

Childhood role models

I used to listen to the likes of Alkaline, and Vybz Kartel, not necessarily that I aspired to be like them…not really for I knew I’m a Malawian artist hence needed to do something that Malawian people can easily relate to hence my decision to be mixing Chichewa, and English in most of my songs.


I want to be an internationally recognized artist. I want my musical message to spread to all corners of the world.

How to promote up and coming urban music artists

For me, I think the best way is for all and sundry to assist me to expose myself by giving me the podium so people can appreciate my talent. That should also trickle down to other up and coming musicians too.

Problems encountered

Being an up and coming artist the problem I face is lack of financial support to push my music as for now everything is money even for a radio DJ to promote your music you have to pay.

Social media handles

Facebook: A Inno busy +265

Instagram: A inno busy



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