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Incubators Malawi makes poultry farming a real profitable business



You may think Babel Chikuse at the age of 55 will be enjoying his retirement money; a former financial officer with the Reserve bank, think again!

Chikuse is the proprietor of Incubation services 43(I.S 43): a beneficiary of incubators Malawi products, a small but booming business that offers farmers across the country incubation services on poultry farming.

Located in Area 43, the company which began in 2016 has been heavily involved with poultry farming, for instance; in the raising and production of quail’s, hatching of exotic chicken eggs despite persistent blackouts; a major problem facing the energy sector in the country.

The company persevered using generators until I procured an incubator which is a machine used to artificially hatch eggs, in essence, it allows one to hatch eggs without having hens.

Incubation services 43(I.S 43) has been getting by with only two incubators having realized the problem farmers were facing with the new breed of chicken eggs called kuroilers as the eggs were not available on the markets, so the company ventured into incubation services to help farmers produce more eggs in addition to their parental stock system that most of them relied upon.

And it was after Chikuse partnered with Incubators Malawi, the manufacturer of quality incubator machines that his I.S 43 dreams of hatching more eggs came to light thereby helping farmers in as far as Mzuzu and Blantyre hatch their eggs.

“With our little experience in this field we’re trying to do some research on how to grow. So one day we bumped into Incubation Services by Incubators Malawi, a Malawian company majoring in manufacturing quality Incubators right here on home soil,” he says adding that “demand for eggs was high and sometimes we could not meet our clients’ needs due to shortage of incubators”

The other incubator that Chikuse procured for his company through incubators Malawi helped boost capacity as he explains that the company is customer-oriented and was able to produce incubators that meet I.S 43 needs at an affordable rate:

“We procured a 2,220 egg Incubator. This with the other two incubators, our capacity increased to over 3,000 eggs. Considering that normally the setter is designed to accommodate more eggs than the hatchery area”

Chikuse added that they were also having difficulties to accept more eggs from customers because their capacity at any given point was dictated by the “hatching area.”

After approaching Incubators Malawi for a customized hatchery unit Chikuse says “a 3,000 egg capacity hatchery unit was manufactured and delivered within a week.” Now he says more than ever the demand for I.S 43 services is ‘’growing up so fast’ ’and they have ordered another 5,400 egg capacity setter from Incubators Malawi.

One of incubator Malawi business personnel, Chikumbutso Chikhadzula says Incubators aims at uplifting young and upcoming entrepreneurs through working together with firms like I.S 43 and others as one way of easing the pressure of unemployment.

“We are making strides not just in Malawi but in our neighbouring countries like Zambia where incubation services are a new business, in addition to working with other Malawian firms like I.S 43 that are working to promote the same, ’he says



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