By Nomsa Rhudo Mwale.

  • I am in this world not to live up to your expectations, neither are you here to live up to mine – (Peter Tosh)

When we stand in front of the mirror, are we happy with the image we see there?

For years people have failed to recognize their faces and see the bigger picture in the mirror. Most of us are people pleasers; we live to other people’s expectations. We just can’t do things on our own. We always want the world to be happy while we starve our own happiness. We are lacking our own authenticity.

Today, we can’t repeat one dress at an occasion despite us being dependent on someone or our parents. We cannot wear the clothes we feel comfortable with just because somebody told us its not fashionable. We want to live the life we are supposed to live in three years time, now.

Unlike popular belief, the problem is not the people around us; it’s our own choices we make. You’ve nothing on you but you want to be living like Kim Kardashian or Mr. West himself, just because your hood friend told you that you need to change class. Think of yourself and your background. Be yourself! It hurts no one.

This generation sleeps on genuine affection and wakes up to everybody’s style, FAKE; waking up to a fake life! You’ll find people truly loving each other but afraid to live the love because somebody will be pissed at their choices or they will be labeled gawky. That dress looks good on you dearest; that shirt is so nice boy!! Like! That’s what you like; so don’t let somebody change it.

The feeling that is killing our own built success is that of what people will say or think. Don’t be intimidated by your own choices; don’t let your life be remote-controlled by somebody. People choose careers just because their parents or friends advised them to. They end up doing things they didn’t want to just to make someone happy. Too bad!

We choose to please than to be pleased and later on deprive ourselves the inner peace that we deserve because we are imprisoned to doing things that other people want us to do. The unhappiest people in the world are those who wake up and see no brighter picture before them, people who can’t make up decisions on their own and are always longing to impress somebody.

Now, nothing good can come from an unhappy soul. So, if you want to be successful, be yourself. Be your own boss. Don’t let somebody rule over you. You may end up living a miserable plastic life for the rest of your life.

Get me clear here. No man is an Island, that’s so true. However, we should also learn not to be a puppet of someone. We should know when to listen and when not to. All this requires us to identify and know who we really are. Once we do that, then it’s good-to-go! It’s only those who don’t value their purpose in life that are fond of living this so called plastic life.

Open your eyes and see, fellow Young Generationers! Don’t wear makeups just because somebody asked you to, don’t date somebody because somebody told you he/she is ‘hot’, neither should you go somewhere just because somebody said you should, even if your heart is telling you otherwise. FIND YOUR OWN COMFORTABLE SPACE.

Live your life, it might be awkward to them but so long it is freedom to you, live it without checking on somebody’s thoughts or views. Mind you, the City of Happiness is in the State of Mind. The genesis of true happiness lies in your being free to make choices that matter to you. Never imprison yourself by being somebody else’s property!

(The Article First appeared on The Eclipse Magazine; a publication by students from Malawi Assemblies of God University and has been published by the author’s consent and has been slightly changed to suit EM’s standards)



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