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By Gibson C Kamanga

We all know how smitten, controversial rapper, Chavura, is or was with dirt on and off the booth. He literally could throw dirty jabs anytime anywhere to whoever crossed or attempted to cross his line whenever he felt like in most of his lyrics.

The list is too many to mention. From the songs, or his Facebook Account, dirty was all over the place. Simply put, no artist could walk scot-free by simply trying to name-call this Blantyre-based artist….up until that controversial (depending on your side of the coin) song, Rape. We all know the path Rape song drove this otherwise devil-may-care caliber of an artist.

Now that the dust has finally settled, Chavura has proclaimed that he is going clean in his upcoming 7 track album titled, Growing up is so painful.

The album, expected to be out this month end or early September, is an exposé of a troubled young man who is trying to figure out his identity. Asked if it was a self-reflection, Chavura laughed off the idea.

“The songs have nothing to do with my personal life. As an artist, my music is just a reflection of the society,” he said.

Unlike the old Chavura, the Chavura in Growing is so painful is a new version of hisself as he has gone clean; no foul language in all the songs, let alone any dirty insinuations.

According to him, the album is the Genesis of the Born Again Chavura; the new look Chavura who has left dirty lyrics to where it belongs; his past.

“This album is raw and dirty and nasty!!!! Kkkkk I’m kidding, it’s clean. I want to be clean in all my songs,” he proclaims.

As of now, the only guest artist known to have been featured in the song is Joker. However, Chavura expressed skepticism over the appearance or lack thereof of guest appearances in the final product.

“The album as of now has guests like Joker, but I am changing some songs so I’m not sure if the final product will have guests,” he says.

Having been on the negative receiving end of verbal tirades from almost all corners of Malawi over his song Rape, Chavura downplays the invective and says the stunt has worked to his advantage as an artist.

“In entertainment there is no negative publicity. All that trending entertained people a lot,,. and I have gained a lot, not just fame but a lot of people have come in to push my career,” downplays he.

So, as the clock ticks closer to the D-day, Chavura is optimistic M-Dubz audience is itching to taste what he has brewed for he is also the producer for all the songs.

Asked what he should be remembered for, Chavura says history books shall judge him as one of the country’s finest.

“Currently, my career is good, a history making career. I feel in the near future, I’m gonna be a hip hop legend and someone who will forever be remembered as one of the guys that contributed a lot to hip hop in Malawi,” he challenges.



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