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By Walusungu Munthali.

They came with a bang! They caused a stir unto the-then M-dubz musical podium. They gave hopes, false hopes to the Malawi music arena that they were going to rep the industry. Unfortunately, mother fate had her own plans. They never blossomed.

Over the years, Malawi has seen some promising artists whose careers never reached their pinnacle despite the uproar their maiden songs caused on the local musical ladder.

EM’s Walusungu Munthali has compiled a list of some of the then hotter-than-average artists who never become fully hot despite their potentials.

  1. Bago Tanks

In 2005 Bago Tanks became one of the most influential dancehall reggae artists, then reggae, to be specific, with his song Moto Olusa. It was a household song back then and it used to enjoy massive airplay in some of the-then’s popular urban radios, mainly MBC Radio Two. Unfortunately, that was the best this hoarse-voiced artist could reach. Even though he released other singles in the following years, his popularity got thinner… and he never recuperated. God knows where he is now, musically. The only limelight for him was his appearance at Pakachere TV show some years later. That was the last we heard from him.

  1. Miss Music

In 2005, Miss Music, Emmie Kamkweche, the current wifey to the celebrated Afro-pop icon, Dan Lu also made some noise with her self-titled song, Miss Music. Back then, when Music Splash programme (on the-then Television Malawi) was an eighth ‘world wonder’ in Malawi, it was very rare to have youthful secular female artists. So, her self-titled song and the accompanying music video caused a scare to many. Many had high hopes of a rising empress of tomorrow, but nay; it was not meant to be. That was the first, and the last that M-dubz was to hear from this otherwise gifted female diva. Thanks to Mr. Dan Lu, and WhatsApp now, we are able to be updated of Miss Music again, though not musically….

  1. Villa Kanyemba

She debuted with single,e Njerengo. The song saw success following the release of its music video the same year. Even though the song did not earn her a celebrity status; it became one of the most sort-after songs on every DJs deck in 2004. Did she ever release other tracks thereafter? Search me!

  1. The Never Ending Jupiters

Never Ending Jupiters were a Ndirande-based reggae band that only became successful with one song, Siyani Mabodza. Dating back to the days when music splash was the only music show, the band gained success with the song. However, circumstances made the band go into oblivion. In the following years, it attempted to dish out tracks to revamp its old-self, but all efforts went in vain.

  1. Njati Njedede

Darlie wangayu

Samwa jang’ala

Remember these lines?

Hoarse-voiced Njati Njedede made his maiden musical appearance in Fuji Kasipa’s Ukanene, widely known as Samwa Jang’ala in 2004. Unlike Villa Kanyemba, the song saw success following the release of its music video the same year. It was a banger! It was a song that unearthed Njati to his current status. Later on, he attempted some solo career, with the song, Umasiye. It was shambolic. That was also the demise of Njati Njedede, the musical artist.

Meanwhile, Njedede does host Chibuku Radio show on Radio 2 FM.

  1. Chris Mbendera

Chris debuted with then no.1 hit single Nsima ya Utaka in 2002. The song’s video became the most watched song of the year. With only one media house then, having music videos in the early 2000s worked to his advantage as the song went viral. Since the song, Chris hasn’t made any public appearance and the song remains his only successful single to date.

  1. Wilson Mwase

Remember him? That Mbewa Zanga star. Yes, that one…ndifuna mbewa zanga…In 2010, Wilson released a no.1 hit Mbewa Zanga. Just like Chris Mbendera, he gained morale with the dramatic concept of his song topping various music charts… But thereafter????? We don’t know!

  1. Italman & Rudy K

Italman & Rudy K came to the limelight with their hit song Maganizo Kukoma. They were one of the most listened duos of 2003 when they released the song. The Mzuzu based artists haven’t made any public appearances even though the song is still one of the hits that still trends on the social media’s Throwback Thursday (stylized as TBT) mantra.

  1. Aphofomoka

Better known as Aphofo, Aphofomoka rose to fame in mid-2003 with their cracker, Kilimu Yachi Malawi. Unlike many artists in the one-media house era, Kilimu became one of the most watched videos of Malawi. It remains their only song successful single to date. Of course, half of the duo, Manyanda, attempted some gospel tunes but nobody ever noticed him…up to now.

  1. AMfumu Collins Bandawe

Tchekera Maluzi is one of Malawi’s greatest hits of all times. Forget the current trending song by Saint, and Macelba. Not that one! The original song, released in 2005, had the old school heat of hits like South Africa’s Ntombi. It topped almost all music charts in 2005 and remained the most played song a few years later. Collins Bandawe has made attempts to return to the limelight but Tchekera Maluzi still remains his one only successful single to date.

Urban artist Saint and Malceba have their own version of the song now, a recognition that the original Tchekera Maluzi was no kid’s gloves.



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