“I shall bring a 2021 BET AWARD” – Namadingo challenges


By Sekelani Saka

He’s at it again! Call it attention seeking but it appears the rebranded Patience Namadingo is loving the publicity he’s been receiving on the social media as barely a month into his declaration of not being a ‘gospel musician’, the gifted voice has hit the local social media platforms again.

On Tuesday, Namadingo, via his usual official Facebook page, NAMADINGO, challenged his followers that he was going to grab a BET Award cometh 2021.

Namadingo is amused that most Malawians do not trust their musicians to have the muscle of grabbing one BET Award. He says he is going to be the pioneer of erasing such fears.

“BET scares Malawians I see. I will make it a place I’ll frequently get awards from once I start next year.” He challenges.

According to him, his inspirations is courtesy of the prowess by Tanzania musicians who have risen higher with their talents.

Tanzania is just next door and they have gone with their music to heights unimaginable even to themselves,” says he.

Such an inspiration, says Namadingo is what has pumped higher motivations to follow suit in 2021.

My mentality is that of winning a cup not just a national or regional level. I can sure win a cup that shakes a whole continent if I work extra hard and smart and learn from those already at the top,” he declares.

Currently, trending via his second phase of Mash Ups with a series of some M-Dubz music legends which he’s done with Lucius Banda, Namadingo is bewildered by the Doubting Thomases rife in his mother land.

Malawians have accepted that I am a well-established musician in Malawi…but Malawi seem to have a problem with me accepting that I can be a well-established musician in the world,” wonders he.

As expected, there’s been a chain of reactions from his followers with many applauding his courage.

One Nathaniel Natu Njobvu supports the Namadingo’s dream of becoming an international icon.

“I know you have haters in this country but I can assure you that if you persistently work extra hard just next year you can climb the highest tower with your music because you have the potential to do so,” Natu commented.

Another fun from Zambia Thandiwe BM, commended the artist’s dream before he advised him to focus and follow dreams for them to come true.

“Don’t listen to negative comments… The sky has no limit, haters will always wall your way to see you failing rather take steps as you are one ina million who is aiming high in the music industry in Malawi.” She encourages.

Representing the Doubting Thomases are Facebook users like one Ernest Uziwauziwa Walekana, who feels Namadingo is just attention seeking.

“Koma yawa inu, mwadziwa liti izi? (look at you! When has such a knowledge hit your encephalon? Usazipusise or amati kukhala ndi maloto akuluakuluko ndinu nomwe-(don’t decieve yourself, though they say we have to aim high,” doubts he.

Meanwhile, Namadingo says his 2021 BET Award journey is embarking on the 30th of June as he is releasing a smasher that is going to silence all doubters.

“My journey to the worlds begins on 30th June. Start to follow I’ll need you to play your role which is to encourage if you can,” he notifies.



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