By Chimwemwe, The Chinese Diva

Hello my Ninjas, the Chinese Diva is back again, of course with an interesting topic as usual.  Ever thought of making your ex misses you? Well, not necessarily making him come back to you, … eerh but you knows, just teasing him in one way or the other.

Well, this week, we will learn how to make your Ex miss you. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean how you can get back to him, NOT at all. Remember not all relationship were meant to work out, that’s why there is a word called break up; I know it’s something that is difficult to accept BUT that’s life. Here are things that you can do to make him miss you.

Look Attractive

I understand when you were together, you were beautiful to him, but the Chinese Diva would advise you to look even more attractive than before. Yes, apply those cute perfumes of yours that you used to when you were together, trust me that scent will remind him about you.

Be Happy

Yes, baby enjoy your life, do all the crazy stuffs, go out for parties, hang out with new buddies until he realizes that your life is perfect without him. How about that?

Desist from posting sad statuses on your social media

Yes. I repeat, never post sad statuses on the social media; I know such statuses will definitely show him how stressful you are. I would rather advise you to move on or even stop posting anything on social media for a while.

No Contact

I know you miss him and you feel like texting or calling him but your Chinese Diva today is advising you to stop texting him because that’s the best way to kill him as he will be thinking that you moved on and your happy without him.

Make New Friends

This is the best period for you to start making new friends and I believe that if he sees you with new people around you, definitely he will be thinking that it’s possible for you to replace him with another one.       



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