How to keep your mind fresh during this corona holiday


By Memory Moyo

Fellow young ones! How are we keeping ourselves during this rather unpopular corona holiday? How are you keeping your mind fresh? Mind you, by the end of it all, we shall still be required to get back to school. We shall be required to get back to our books and all those class assignments.

Let us be mindful that corona or no corona, we need to keep our mind working in readiness for classroom work once Corona Holiday is completed. If you have no idea how you can keep yourself academically prepared, then follow me.

Firstly, we can engage ourselves into Part- time lesson. Let’s find someone who will help us to teach us what we did not understand during the normal lessons at school. This will keep our minds fresh as we shall have updated ourselves with class material.

Secondly, we should become avid readers. We should study as frequently as possible during this holiday. In doing so, it’ll help us to revise our notes and understand them better than before. Let’s use of this opportunity to understand things by studying hard. When studying, make short notes because it will help us not to forget what we have read and we should read to understand what we are reading not just for the sake of reading. Reading frequently will make us to keep our minds fresh.

In addition, we should make use of our studying time-table as we used before this holiday came. I believe that most students have schedules that direct them on how to study. To have a time-table is very important to us students because it tells us what to do at a particular time. No room of wasting time when doing things. If we can take our time-tables as we used when schooling can help alot during this holiday. We should be strategists.

Another point is challenging news topics that we have not tackled at school yet. We should have that room to do things that we have not yet learnt at school on our own just to keep our self busy. If we don’t understand what we are reading, let’s consult someone who will help us to understand the materials we’re tackling. This will help us to have a wide knowledge on a number of issues.

Lastly, revising past questions. Let’s revise our past papers, where we failed, we can consult our siblings to help us to have the right answer of that question. This will help us not to repeat the same mistake when writing exams again. In so doing, we will not have that chance of just staying at home without something to do hence making ourselves fresh in academic issues. Let’s challenge our mind by keeping it busy.

Fellow young ones, as we observe all necessary preventive measures for Corona Virus, let’s also ensure we keep our mind fit by studying regularly. Remember, once Corona virus is defeated, we shall get back to school. So, let’s not be caught off-guard.




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