ThE SeXy DiVa!

By Love T Msoso

(The Slim Sexiest Diva)

Minus losing one’s mobile handset, the other painful issue that can befall upon any living soul is waking up to realizing that you’d been cheated upon by your other half. Basic relationships, marriages…you name it; cheating is becoming an everyday phenomenon. Tell you what? Being cheated upon sucks, and it sucks big time.

Being a victim of this vice for close to four years, the Slim Sexiest Diva is now a grandmaster when it comes to sensing some traits of cheating from your Dawg. It pains the SSD to see her fellow Divaz being on the negative receiving end of this silly act. Now weep no more, fellow cheated souls. Here are some of the basic ways of catching a cheating dunderhead.

  1. Insecurities

Determine if your partner is unnecessarily insecure. A cheating dog will always be insecure unnecessarily. He will get jealous over unnecessary things so that you don’t suspect anything.

We are living in a technologically advanced world, check if he is overly protective of his phone. A cheating dog will get insecure once you try to go through his phone. That’s when you see passwords everywhere. You will see him excusing himself whenever a certain number calls and answers it privately. And when you try to ask him who called or who he is texting, you normally get short answers like Mmmmm it was nobody or nevermind without further explanation. And if you insist, you see them getting mad.

You will see him constantly deleting his text messages or clearing his WhatsApp conversations.

All in all, a cheating dog will never grant you access to his phones!!!

  1. Pay attention to his normal routine and/or Schedule

As your partner, keep records of his reported activities. Try to write down the time, dates, places and many other things. Make sure you keep your memory sharp. If your partner is cheating, things automatically change. You no longer become his priority. He will always come up with excuses, stay out late because he is making time for the other person. Now that’s when the importance of keeping records comes in. Coz when he says he is working late or any other excuse while you know his normal schedule, you can easily question him. A cheating dog will eventually contradict himself. Cheating dogs usually forget their statements. They are likely to change their story. So keeping a record of everything and knowing your partner’s schedule is very critical.

  1. Note a change in behavior

Note if he becomes more selective when you are around. Okay, sometimes plan on surprise visits to his place, midnight phone calls etc. Visit his place more frequently. Okay here’s the thing, visiting him is not a guarantee though coz he might make an excuse to the other girl so that she doesn’t call or visit when you are there. Here is how you can know: Does he close the door when you are around? He doesn’t allow you to go outside saying he doesn’t want neighbors to see you because they talk too much? He doesn’t introduce you to his friends or family? He doesn’t invite you to important events of his life like birthday celebrations or graduation? Uh-huh that clearly shows you are not the only one boo-boo… Niggah is cheating on you my sister!!! And am not arguing with anyone on that…!!!

  1. Less Affectionate

Affection defines the strength of a relationship. Is he becoming less affectionate? If he is cheating he becomes less affectionate. He no longer wants to hold hands, cuddle, kiss or have sex? You just know the vibe is gone… He is doing all that with someone else my sister!!

  1. Strange behaviors

A cheating dog will dramatically change his behavior. So to find out if he is cheating look for any behaviors that is out of the ordinary. Note that these behaviors can be both positive and negative. A cheating dog will usually change coz of guilt or something like that. For example, he will buy you gifts unnecessarily, pick fights for no proper reasons, he will find a fault in every word you speak or anything you do. A cheating dog will become moody out of the blues. He will smell differently (i.e. someone else’s perfume), change his statements. He will plan unusual visits if it’s a long distance relationship so that he fools you into believing he loves you or he’s tranna prove his love to you. Smh


They are some cheating dogs that will gladly give you access to their phones coz they know for sure they have deleted all suspicious messages or pictures or anything or because he’s given the other person an excuse so that she shouldn’t call or text while the phone is with you. So if he grants you his phone, check his call log. Look for unusual amount of phone calls. Keep track of all incoming phone calls, record the time and number of calls. Note that most cheating dogs often save their other lovers phone numbers under someone else’s names or change the names, say, if I am Loveness, they will save me Lovemore so that you don’t become suspicious lol!!

All in all, if you find anything suspicious or suspect infidelity, do not confront your partner until you have all the proof. These cheating dogs are very clever! They have excuses listed in their heads like ummmm she’s my ex or it was a mistake or I was just flirting with her. Remember, patience is a virtue; take your time. A cheating dog will always be caught on his 40th day. Take a hike and you can thank the Slim Sexiest Diva later.



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