By Praise Bwanali

Many a times, youths go haywire courtesy of their lack of self-definition. Most of the youths live a shadow of theirselves; lacking self-identity. They would rather be identified as a group thing and not their original self.

At times, it is possible that youths might be lacking the nitty-gritties of how they can define theirselves. So, if you are one of those, stay put.

To begin with, defining yourself means designing your own game plan; how you want to shape your life by not letting others decide it for you. If you ask yourself this question of ‘Who am I ‘ then it’s all good because you have stepped on the first stare on the ladder of being you.

Secondly, after knowing yourself, you also have to know what you want. This may seem surprising because you may feel that you are old enough to know what you want but the sad part is that most of us shape ourselves basing on how others are defining us. The most interesting part of knowing what you want based on being your own definitions is that you will set principles of your life and not following life principles of other people. Remember to put those principles in your heart to avoid negative peer pressure that will drive you away from actualizing them.

In addition, set life priorities based on what you want. This is the most important part because if you set priorities, you will not have time of doing unnessesary things. Being yourself will always help you to work on priorities that you set and end up achieving the goodness of being yourself.

Dear youth as you gear up to face the reality of being yourself, get geared to rise above the norms and necessary morals of the society. We have enough problems in our country, what is needed now are deep rooted practical solutions that are sustainable. Not being yourself should not be a stumbling block, rather be motivated by my writing to prove your worth to be yourself.



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