By Chimwemwe The Chinese Diva

Let’s face it! Love is a beautiful thing. Loving and being loved is so lovely. It’s just that maybe some of them dudes find it hard to unlock a girl’s heart. As a result, they suffer in silence.

Well, to all such males, weep no more! The Sexy one is here to offer some free lessons on how you can bid and actually be successful in hooking a lady of your dreams.

Look good all the times

This is a basic step but a lot of men fail to accomplish when approaching a girl. Girls really love and appreciate neat men. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t about handsome face anyway.

Confidence matters a lot too

Have that confidence in you that she will accept you. I know it’s kinder difficult to a man who has low self-esteem but the Chinese diva would advise you to fake it till the end {till she accepts you}.

Have some sense of humour

Funny guys are very lucky when it comes to finding a girl of their choice because girls really love fun guys. When I say fun I don’t mean cracking jokes all the times, just don’t be serious too much otherwise you will lose the vibe lol.

Get ready for rejection

You might be asking yourself why the Chinese Diva is asking you to get ready for rejection instead of rescuing you? Anyway, yes be prepared for a rejection. Rejection is part and parcel of the process; ladies have that tendency of saying no at first but if you try to ask her three or more times she will definitely say yes. Assuming you played your cards well. So, the long and short of it is that a NO is also part of the ordeal.

Compliment her

If you want a yes from a girl of your choice, then learn how to praise her characters, compliment that her characters match with the girl you have been looking for all this time. Always be positive to her. Compliments act like charms, and oftentimes, they work wonders.



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