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How a family funeral ruined my relationship

LIFESTYLE | My Personal Diary

By Djamillah Le Havuers

Dear Diary

It’s 15th of May, in the year of Covid-19. Life is boring kinda. Not used to being indoors for that long.

Anyway, but with you around, My Dear Diary, I lack no company. You keep me alive.

A couple of weeks ago, I attended some family gathering at the village. Ofcourse, we observed the social distance. As expected, there were familiar and unfamiliar faces.  One of the familiar faces was my in-law; my boyfriend’s sister.

It was so surprising to both of us to bump there. Upon her inquiry, I just told her I’d escorted a friend; referring to my other cousin. I never bothered asking her being there. I wasn’t in the mood to pop into her business, you know. My mind was somewhere.

Late same night, I received a phone call from my Baby Boo who also appears perplexed that I was within the same compound as his sis, my in law.

On the third day of the gathering, which happened to be the last day of the event, family members gathered under some fig tree probably introducing each other. Fortunately or otherwise, I wasn’t around there. I was busy running up and down doing kitchen chores.

However, something attracted my attention and kept me thinking the whole of that day. The sight of my in-law, My Boos sister chilling with my family-folk. How did they get to know each other? I was like what’s not going on??? Could it?? Anyway, I never even wanted to imagine.

The ceremony ended. Photoshooting with who and whos ended. Each of the family members went their separate ways. Then boom! Cometh Monday. Me and my usual WhatsApp status updates. You know me, Dear Dairy. I uploaded a status with one of my uncles from the village.

And guess what?? A comment from my Boo, responding directly to the updated status. “What were you doing with my uncle?

I was like “What the heck do you mean it’s your uncle? Don’t you know he is a direct brother to my aunt?


When he continued narrating to me how closely relatedly “my uncle” was to him, I knew it was all over. I didn’t even hear him finish the narration of the family tree for I already knew where this was leading to; I was dating my half-brother. Damn!

You could imagine the embarrassment Dear Diary. Imagine the hugs and the kisses, the weekend dates, the usual Friday night out… Thank heavens we never went to the ‘Promised Land’, otherwise it could’ve been total chaos.

Later that day he came home. Man, I wasn’t ready to face him. I mean…all these years I’d been…No way!!! I felt so useless!

But it had to end. Parents shouldn’t know all about it otherwise we’re gonna face the wrath of our familyfolk.

That was to be the last I saw my Boo, my half brother whom I had been dating for God-knows how many months.

Back to reality: I’ve been having nightmares, reminiscent of the sweet memories I used to share with my now Half-brother. The thought of not seeing him in my hands again is so painful. 

Since then, I have never been myself. Thanks to Covid-19 outbreak, at least I shall have enough time to re-organize myself. I just feel that I need more time on myself. I need to weep for the loss and the embarrassment I’ve gone through. How I wished I had not known all this!

Dear Diary, I need to rest.

Till next time!!

Au revoir!



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