By: Memory Moyo

It’s a fact! COVID 19 is here with us. Of course, the majority of us know that it kills, we all know that. Then what is it that we don’t? Well, as Malawian youths, what part can we be playing to ensure Covid-19 becomes history in Malawi? How can we use our energies to assist the government and all other stakeholders to ensure life returns to normalcy in the soonest time possible? 

Gone are the days when the youths “Were the leaders of tomorrow.” Evidence is in plain sight that tomorrow doesn’t exist. We have today to take care of. This is why as energetic Malawian youths, we have to take pivotal roles in combating this monster, Covid-19. We can do that in various ways. 

Take heed of the preventive measures

This is the best medication ever! By keeping the social distance, by staying at home, by proper use of alcohol-based sanitizers et al; we can save many a soul. Observing the health (COVID 19) guidelines is the best and the most effective vaccine against Coronavirus. It is our role to observe such measures as propagated by the ministry of health vis á vis, the World Health Organization on how we can kick coronavirus out of our lives, for good. It is also our role to ensure that our family is doing the same. 

Civic education

We can utilize our various talents or skills be it songs, poetry, dramas (radio Tv etc), designing posters, word of mouth…the list is endless to spread news related to this pandemic. Our talents plus our knowledge about this disease can perform wonders in enlightening the masses on the same. 

Some of us already have a multitude of followers, be it online or otherwise. So, we can also use such popularity to spread information related to this pandemic. We should not leave this task to the government and other stakeholders only…no! we too can and should be doing that. Malawi belongs to all of us hence the need for all and sundry to bail our country from the pangs of this disease.

Leave fake news out of your sight

Unfortunately, the proliferation of social media has come with it the emergence of fake news outlets. Today, everybody wants to be a social media journalist, spreading false news stories. Unfortunately, COVID 19 pandemic is no exceptional. I’m sure most of us might have had come across some fake news stories about this issue. 

The best we can do, as responsible youths, is to refrain from sharing such false stories. Claiming that Corona Virus is a political gimmick in Malawi will yield us nothing but misery to our brethren. Let’s accept the realities on the ground and if anything, let’s leave credible media outlets to be doing their job; spreading news stories.  

Among others, spreading fake news stories will or can easily lead to the escalation of COVID-19 or coronavirus cases in the country. Let’s be responsible. Spread not, false news stories about Coronavirus. 

Keep abreast of COVID 19 news

The beauty with science is that everything keeps on changing by each passing day. This is why we must be refreshing our minds by keeping updated with the current trends of the pandemic globally and nationally. New measures are being put in place by both the Malawi government, the World Health Organization and company; the do’s and don’ts all in the name of annihilating this pandemic. 

The relevance of being updated on such a piece of crucial information need not be emphasized. 

Accept the reality and move on

We need to live to accept that COVID 19 is here, and whether it’s going to be kicked out of the country now or maybe with us forever is an issue for another day. However, we now need to change some of our lifestyles. How we greet each other, how we manoeuvre in public places, how we cough etc has changed all thanks to Corona Virus disease. 

So, the earlier we accept and adopt this abrupt change in our lifestyles, the better it’s going to be for our everyday livelihood. 

Fellow youths, let’s walk the talk by being agents of change. Together we can make COVID 19 part of our history now. 



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