54 years of despair for Malawian Soccer

Home teams won’t see the light

……………………..Nomads too late to fix glitches


By Old Zaks

It’s finally here; the much-touted 2018 TNM Super league is just a stone-throw away! Too much to talk about, but for a veteran bystander from the terraces like me, my focus, and indeed the rest of my colleagues here is on who’s going to carry the day, come the first day of business.

Call me a prophet of doom, but my take is simple; home teams will see red. It’s that simple!

Mzuni Fc versus Nchalo United

Old Zaks had a chance of bumping with one of the Green Intellectuals’ playmakers, (name withheld) in the green city. During the course of our interaction, the playmaker could not even decipher who Felix Kamwendo is, let alone knowing which team he plays for. Really? So, how is Mzuni FC preparing to stop Nchalo United if their (the latter) engine room, Felix Kamwendo is not in Mzuni’s game plan? Can we expect anything from the home team? Search me!

Anyway, my editor allocated me limited space on which to empty what’s in my mind and of course justify my earlier view point. Whatever the case, here’s the menu on Week One of the super league.

TN Stars versus Blue Eagles Karonga United welcomes Azam Tigers Kamuzu Barracks hosts NMC Big Bullets Mzuni will play Nchalo at Mzuzu stadium Masters versus Civo sporting
Silver hosts Nomads
Mafco will play Red lions

Let’s wait and see what the weekend will behold for us.

…as Nomads’ perilous TNM Super League season begins

Nomads’ shambolic displays in the pre-season matches are a recipe for disaster. Scoring a single goal in as many games is a sign of a sinking ship. Overall, the Nomads’ top ranks could have realized the team needed to beef up its striking force but nay! It trusted its tired legged blunt strikers.

Unfortunately, TNM Super league is now here; Nomads has to face the realities. If what the pre- season matches were to be a yard stick, then the Mighty Be Forward Camp should start scribbling eulogies as chances of defending the elite league are but a pauper’s dream.

What should the Nomads do?

  • Let the pride go and leave the team in piece. Nomads should accept that no player is bigger than the team. If the dressing room’s mood is bad, don’t expect a win in the field play. We do not tame a snake; tear it into pieces!
  • Rumors of a technical panel shake up are causing stress in the dressing room. We from the terraces have got hold of news that the Nomads are on verge of firing Yasin and Steve! Assuming the rumors will be proven true later on, that shall be one of the gravest mistakes ever made!
  • Finally, plan your games right; let the nation know that you can do it. Neither be another Kamuzu Barracks FC nor another Leicester City FC!




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