ThE SeXy DiVa!

By Philes Sexylicious Davis.

Having seen multitude of people divorcing everyday, and those so called cute couples separating lately, a lot of my friends have started despising marriage. Some of The Sexy Diva’s girlz think getting married is like starting an alien life; abandoning the real theirselves and acting for the sake of the lucky Prince they are married to. As far as the Fat Sexy One knows, that’s not the case.

If marriage hasn’t been your thing, then here this;

Marriage shows love exist

Forget about the I love you, text messages. Getting married shows how strong the bond of your love is. True love has to end in marriage. Marriage is a testimony that true love exist. Marriage means you’re testifying that you won’t let go of your most precious gift till death doth you apart.

Sex is guaranteed

Getting married shows you have yourself a visa to the promised land anytime anywhere. Cuddling, kissing…you name it. And it doesn’t get better than knowing that you are kissing the Prince who is going to be or is already the father of your kids. Anytime you want him, he’s gonna be there. That’s the joy of being in marriage.

Someone to lean on

As much as you can solve your problems on your own, but getting married means having a chest you would cry on when the world seems to be crushing on you. When everybody seems not to care, your partner would be there for you to hold you and hug you… telling you that “everything is Okay love, I’m here for you. Cry as much as you can, I will be here.”

A conducive environment to raise a Family

Kids need both parents’ love and guidance. So marriage is the best platform for starting a family. Kids have to be raised in a home where both parents are there. In that way, children can easily grow into productive citizens if there is love and care from both parents.

Sense of ownership

There some girls who would stoop so low as to fight over a boyfriend; just a mere boyfriend hahaha! My sister, that’s not your property! Please, give yourself a break, but if you’re married, you have more rights and ownership on your man than anybody else.

So, my dear sisters, would you still say marriage ain’t cool?



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