ThE SeXy DiVa! 

By Fiona Jacques Manda (La femme fatale)

Hubby snatchers. These are the biggest threat to any MG1 out there. Hubby snatchers do come in different forms. To them, grabbing your Prince Charming is their purpose in life. They would do anything from tricking you to painting you black in the eyes of your man all in the name of replacing you as the MG!.

So, Fellow MG1s, let’s open our eyes wider for you may wake up one day to a sad realization that your seat has been grabbed.

So, let’s see some of the tricks MG1 Wanna-Bes use to grab your man.

They make sure you realise they exist

This is real common in ladies. They wouldn’t stop at anything to make sure that their Prince Charming notices them. Sometimes, it’s awkward because all this is done when the guy sometimes may not be aware.

However, a determined hungry chick will stop at nothing so as to get what she wants; the Prince Charmer. These rapid sisters will do anything to attract the attention of their Prey.

Hubby Snatchers really don’t care how many blue ticks head their direction…they are always determined to make him feel them.

Doing what the aspiring hubby wants

If there’s one species of human beings that’s so skillful then it’s the Hubby snatchers. Often times, they always do their ground works properly and know the likes and dislikes of their Target. As a result, they can easily cajole the Prince Charmer that easily. Ever wondered why most MG1 Wanna-bes are of late, busy shedding off their fat? It’s all in the name of staying relevant in the game.

Painting the real MG1 black

Good men are a handful, and if you spot one, take a gulp from the cup. Mostly, an aspiring MG1 will only focus at what she wants, and it’s not more than that. If the hubby already got an established relationship, she will target at loosening the bonds, either by telling deadly lies that will make the hubby hate and lose interest in his woman or revealing your dark past to him.

Once that is a success, she will make a tunnel into the man’s heart, and close it with barbed electric wire so that none should enter again. It’s creepy how this happen, sometimes ones who are there to destroy the existing relationship are the ones we trust, those few people we think they can help in making your love bond last.

Being “best advisors”

If you are trying to catch your prey, you must involve all the tricks to make sure it doesn’t leave your sight. The MG1Wanna-Bes will always give out negative pieces of advice on MG1’s relationship problems. Imagine telling a girlfriend that there are some personal indifferences with your hubby, and she tells you that the best option left is for you to breakup with him, or punish him severely,without listening to the whole story.

Instead of giving an advice that will soothe, she brings those that will breed hate and regret to the unsuspecting MG1s. Once you succumb to the advice, they find a way to him, and convince him you were never serious about your own relationship.

At last, you lose your loved man, whom by punishing, you pushed him away for a lifetime,to a carnivore who advised you.

They find solace in your problems

If there is someone outta there who celebrates your sadness in your relationship is someone who wants the worst for you two. It makes them feel like they are closer to their target, and that convinces them that you won’t last long.

For instance, if you fight with your hubby, they will always assume you will breakup, and they will take over in no time. Try reconciling, you will shatter their hearts into pieces. My point is, a lady’s attack is venomous, because if it wants to destroy,it does.So does a diva who wants a charmer that she wanna be in possession of.


Fellow MG1s, the monsters called Hubby Snatchers are real. Open your eyes and be on the lookout for them, otherwise, you may wake up to a rude awakening seeing your lovely Prince Charmer in some lady’s hand. Be careful! They’re out there!



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