ThE SeXy DiVa!

By Philes Davis.

I’ve always been in love with you (always with you)

I guess you’ve always known it’s true (you know it’s true)

You took my love for granted, why oh why

The show is over, say goodbye

(Madonna _ Take a Bow )

Fellow ladies, how many times have we, deep down our hearts, be in a situation like the persona in the extract above? How many times have dudes played on us? How many times have we been taken for a ride? For how long are we gonna dance to his tunes?

Fellow Divaz, this is 21st century where an uptown Chic like me, shouldn’t be entertaining mediocrity all in the name of “he’s gonna change…give him some time…men are like that” mantras.

If you don’t know, the more you open your doors for him, once he keeps on breaking you heart, the more he’s gonna be piercing your soul. Here’s how entertaining a perpetual broken relationship reduces you to a sucker punch.

  1. It dilutes your concentration on pertinent issues

A broken relationship milks our energies. No matter how strong a woman can be, but if their love life is on the rocks, nothing else works. Everything else stall. You may always feel worn out; with no zeal to push on anything. In the end, we ruin some important issues that matter….more than the dumbass nigga.

  1. It lowers one’s self esteem

Let’s be honest; the more people whom we considered part of our inner circle betrays our trust, the more it reflects badly on how we look upon ourselves. A bad relationship can make you feel underappreciated, worthless, you name it! A bad relationship can make you lose your personal identity and even people around you start wondering what is going on in your life

When you are in an abusive relationship, you tend to believe what your partner says in demeaning you and it slowly becomes your reality. You start defining your reality basing on what the abuser says. Before you know it, you start believing you are the one who is wrong and start defending the other side’s behavior to cover yourself.

  1. It can make you lose your true friends

Once your true friends starting noticing some changes in you, no matter how hard they may try to convince you to let it go; you wouldn’t take heed. As a result, you start thinking they are disturbing your peace and you imprison yourself in solitude. Once this starts gaining ground, an emotional gaps starts widening. In the end, you’ll either be a lonely ranger or you make seek happiness from an unlikely avenues.

  1. It’s time consuming

You can lose money and get it back. You can lose property and get it back. But a loss of time can’t be reclaimed. In the hope that things will get better, that he’s gonna change, that with time things will be well, time is moving and by the time you wake up, you have lost years of precious time that could have been invested in other fruitful endeavors.

It’s not the wasted resources that matter, but the wasted time. If you could recollect the years lost in trying to mend a relationship that couldn’t be mended, where could you have been?

  1. Make you hate people around you:

I have actually noticed myself that whenever I’m having a bad day I become aggressive and over-react to every little thing that surrounds me. So too is a bad relationship. It would make your relationship with your inner circle sour. You would be venting your emotional instabilities unto them, and in the end, they too, may reciprocate. The outcome of which could be anarchy!

So fellow uptown ladies, are willing to be under the scenarios all in the name of trying to save a broken relationship? If it doesn’t work! Move out!!



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