“Hellow Ladies.. So you think you are so 2017??

By Vanessa Nyirenda.

Whether it is in their DNAs or by artificial designs, women have this insatiable libido for fashion.

A woman would do whatever it takes so as to be glamorous; a fashion-conscious lady would want to look stunning.

Fashion- consciousness and the women folk have this striking similarity that we, tend to marry these two. The media and the pop culture have swayed us into seeing white, and white in these two; fashion and women. So intertwined are they that one can’t mention the other without thinking of the other aspect as well.

Such has been the trend since time immemorial. These two are inseparable.

No wonder, ads that have female models on them command supreme attraction that those without.

As the world is now global, so too is the fashion world. Subject to debate of course, but we all agree that a modern day woman has to be sexy; well, sexy not as in that bedroom bodily-hormonal exchange, but sexy as in being on the forward side of the fashion clock.

How we attach the level of sexiness is also diluted with the ticking of a clock. What was sexy in the 80’s is no longer the same currently. So, too is the 90s.

For example, the 80s had this Cyndi Lauper’s –style tunics and leggings, the 90s had the tartan ruffle skirts which could, at times, be fitted with a matching tie, and the like, among others.

Early 2000s as well had her own share on the fashion clock. This was the Beyoncé years of long straight-permed hairs, and the J-Lo’s Manolo Timberland-esque boots among others.

Such has been the beauty of fashion. Out of the blues it appears, and in a blink of an eye, vanishes it does.

Whatever the case, a woman, not just a mere young chick, but we talking of real women, real charming women, will always be at par, or strive to be at par with the fashion train, come rain or hail.

So, in 2017, how should a modern day glamorous chick eat, drink, and behave?

Although there’s a plethora of fashion trends that a 2017 hottie must sail through, I’m strongly convinced that at least some of these pace-setting 2017 outlooks below must be part and parcel of the modern day glamorous Chic.

Fit that body

Fit that body cloths

It requires no fashion police officer to appreciate how body fitting clothes entice them dudes to cast a second glance at a lady. Modernity, fashion-wise does not necessitate you to don a Yves Saint Laurent stunning piece of couture for you to look so 2017, and neither do you need a Stella McCartney’ Marc bootie for you to stand out. All you need is a simple recipe of a fitting cloth depending on your body size. Wearing girly clothes that makes you look so 1980 won’t improve your looks; it’ll just improve your levels on the laughing stock ladder. Period!

High heels, yes, ….but nuh! No thanks

High heels

Advice is cheap; and here’s one of those simple but priceless pieces of advice; Putting on high heels isn’t a must, if you can’t walk in them, please save us from insults. Humbly put on that flat shoe. It’s that simple. A modern woman puts on shoes that she can manage to walk in. We see women who think that they are so 2017, forcing theirselves into high heels. And how they walk…hahahah!!! A perfect pair of shoe not only makes you so cool, but also makes you feel so 2017!

Too much of that make up spoils your looks, Baybie!

2017 is all about simplicity. Sometimes, you make your presence felt more when you talk less. Fashion-wise, this is also more than effective. Just a little bit of that facial powder, and lipstick or lip gross can transform you into an eye catching sight; a gorgeous angel.

It’s so sad however that most of us women-folk tend to miss this. There’s heavy flooding of make up across our faces to the extent that some of us tend to be mistaken with that famous Ava DuVernay Barbie doll.

Ladies, we aren’t Christmas trees that are beautified with multi-coloured papers, and leaves. Let’s wake up, we are in the 21st century for god’s sake!!! Keep it simple!

And there cometh the peacock-tailed hairs

peacock-tailed hairs

When artistically mixed, multi-tinted hairs can add flavor onto a 2017 outgoing classic Chic. However, over-colouring, rather overdoing this, makes some of us appear as if we are rehearsing for a cast in Michael Jackson’s famous thriller music video. So scaringly disastrous.

A modern woman puts on the kind of hair that makes her look smart and attractive for she knows what beauty means to her.

A classy hairdo; that 2017 touch

Some of us women are not good at wearing weaves and all that artificial hairs. We prefer keeping it natural. That’s what 2017 has also re-introduced.

When craftily shapen, a magic touch on that natural hair can add class to the already gorgeous looking uptown lady. We talking of those descent haircuts, ladies! Not that kinda gangstar or Wesley Snipes cut, as if you are ready to pounce on any unsuspecting village folk in a bank.

Keep that body clean; odourless


She is a modern woman who regularly checks on her body; she’s a regular visitor to the bathroom, and silences that natural body ordour with a mild body spray; not to mention a smart and presentable appearance.

She’s so 2017 if she trims, rather completely slashes off her armpits because she knows that looking unclean will not only scare her friends away but will also put off her man, or man to-be. .

She’s so independent; financial morality

Being excessively extravagant is so un-2017. The face of today’s classy Chic entails proper budgeting and proper expenditures, and not only priotizing clothings but does also realize that the need for mature spending for the benefit of herself in the near future is but a must. Not only that, she is also aware that a man is not a money-making machine; classy ladies hustle. They earn their monies; they don’t milk their dudes!

A cup or two of that wine doesn’t kill….but one too many a glass, makes you a drunkard!

Whenever stressed, a cup or two of an alcoholic drink can cheer you up. However, guzzling like there’s no tomorrow just makes a fool out of yourself. Drink responsibly, ladies! We’ve a reputation to protect. Events like Christmas, New Year eve, weddings etc are no times for making a laughing stock out of ourselves. It takes years to build reputation, but it just takes one moment, just one little moment to lose it. And once lost, you may take a life time to reclaim it.

Loud speakers are worthy-less….and often penny-less too

“Show me who you hang out with, and I’m gonna tell you your character.”

The company we hang out with, the crew we mingle with, can determine the kind of life we wanna live. Wasting our precious time with losers is so un-2017. There are plenty PhD holders; yeah, them ladies suffering from Pull Her Down syndrome who always celebrate when you face tribulations. These are of the type who never wishes you succeed, and can do whatever it takes to kill you off.

These are of the type who eke a living out of manufacturing injurious stories onto some person’s reputation.

Playing around with a loser, you can’t win! A modern woman has dreams and goals to achieve, sitting all day gossiping in not on the list!


Character is beauty so they say. Let’s be so 2017, women! The way we dress, the way we put on our make ups, the way we talk, who we hang out with, how we smile, where we spend our time…..you name it. All these determine who we are and how we wanna be treated by the society.

As for me, I’m so 2017! Where are you?




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