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ThE SeXy DiVa!       

By Fiona Jacques Manda

Hallo dudes! How’s 2019 treating you? Are your chicks treating you right? Well, don’t ask me about my Baby Boo! We’re good to go, as usual.

Just been thinking aloud…been in your shoes lately and one question was prickling my mind to the extent that I’d resorted to assisting unsuspecting male brains. Ever suspected your girl to be cheating on you??

Now, now, now, I got your attention, not so? You see, besides my being one of those cutepies who minds her own biz, but I got a human face too; it always touches my heart seeing loving dudes being played by their chicks. The Classy Sexy Diva hates such good-for-nothing-female beings who just can’t cling to one fella at a time. 

For the love of you, our men, The Classy SD is hereby revealing some tips on how to catch her cheating on you. Hopefully, by the end of the day, you’ll be man enough to make a sound decision regarding her antics.

  • She becomes more private

It’s so funny how girls, at the genesis of the camaraderie, will find it no probs with their boos getting their phone, be it checking their contacts or convos. Girls will always get excited to put their guy as Display Picture on various social media platforms. When the cheating spirit rapes her mind, her mobile handset will be a stranger to you. Your face will hardly find its way unto her DPs.

If you’re suspecting her of cheating, confront the ‘suspect’ to access her phone, and wait for her reaction. “The right to privacy” will always be her main argument. Your face will hardly be on her social media forums.

Dude, should such be the case, just know you’re dealing with a hardcore cheater. Time to move on!  

  • The desire to make things work diminishes

There is never gonna be a perfect relationship. Problems are part of the game. When the love is still green, a true girlfriend will always make sure she tries to make sure things are right. Even if the guy is the one at wrong, she shallows her pride and try to apologize, talk with hubby and let things get into place again.

When there’s a new fella rocking her boat, the effort to make things work diminishes. Tension becomes the order of the day. Believe you me, when a girl makes a decision, it’s hard to reverse it, no matter how bad you try to make her love you again. And yeah!! This is the most common sign that the blue skies of your relationship are numbered.

  • You are the least of her problems

Girls are damn good at showing affection to a man they’re in love with. Myself inclusive. If you’ve ever been in love, you’ll understand. For those ye to, just sit back and listen. Girls (including the sexy one) will always show affection to the dude they love any moment, at all cost.

If you’ve become a persona non grata in her life, and that she’s grabbed another Prince Charming, you’re as good as crap from Mtaya in Blantyre in her world.

Look! Love is never invisible; it’s always crystal clear that someone loves you. She will text, always worry about your well-being, always wants to know how your day’s progressing et al. In short, you’re always her first priority. Believe you me, if that ends, know that all these have been automatically transferred to another masculine. It wouldn’t do you any harm if you swallow your ego, and let the man enjoy his catch anyway. Besides, you could be the reason she moved out of your life and threw you to the vultures.

  • Avoids discussions\dialogues

One thing that would easily give you a hint about a cheating girlfriend is that she never feels at ease with being asked or confronted. Once you feel something fishy is going on, try to ask her what your fears are. The response will always tell the whole story. Instead of simply giving you an answer, she’ll be full of rage, blunts and the like.

The Classy Diva advises our men to open their eyes wide open. For Christ’s sake, don’t try to graze where there is no pasture. Don’t waste your energy trying to revive a dead heart. Like earlier said, if she’s found another guy, it simply means that you’re way dead for her. She sees no future in the love you once cherished. Things change ey! Time never remains the same,does it?

  • Starts detaching herself from your relatives

Thisain’t strange, is it? We’ve all, at one point, let our loved ones know our relatives and friends, more especially when we feel there’s future in that relationship (though it’s not always necessary coz sometimes those friends you have introduced your girl to might snatch her away from you,and could be the reason we’re talking of this issue here).

Don’t jerk! She could be cheating you with your close buddy, or worse still your relation, who knows. Now, when she happens to have another man beside you, she has no time for them. Calling each other Mulamu endsthere. Your relations become non-of-her-business; just like you.


Esteemed dudes, once you take note of some of these traces, just know that it’s time to pack up our bag and hit the exit button. If she is a cheater, no need for you to cling to her unless you are a guy full of insecurity of your looks, fearing that a good looking girl like her would not come your way.


If you try to cheat on me, I would find out before you even realise it.



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