To whom it may concern.

Having a pen and a writing pad doesn’t make you a journo!


Pomwe zafikapa tingomasulana basi

Palibe zonyengererana olo mkazi

Mafana mukuphwekesa…

(PHZYIX- One meets Two)

It’s with regret that The Senior Concerned Citizen has dropped this epistle. It’s been a hectic activity crafting this whole lot of anger on this small space. However, tell you what? Writing this letter was almost like letting my blood ooze over my nerves, at super-sonic speed. Ever been in such a situation where adrenalin rush pushes you? Yeah! That’s the situation I’m in, all courtesy of dunderheads that are masquerading as journalists all over our towns, cities and even online.

Such species of disgraced souls are becoming an embarrassment to our otherwise noble profession. So, this week, let’s bury these souls.

You scumbags are easy to identify.

Firstly, you’re social media loud mouths. Your ‘professional’ livelihood depends solely on quick online updates on issues you’ve no evidence. You’ll post a sensitive photograph of some issue that might have happened elsewhere, say Nigeria, and claim that it’s happening in Malawi, and such statuses are normally accompanied by #copied!.

Mr scrappy wanna-be journos are also easily identifiable by your lack of ethical consideration. How can you be when you’ve never passed through any corridors of any media training institution? You fake-writers it’s high time you grew up! You can’t even explain the five Ws and H here, not to mention handling sources properly. Do you even know what news elements are? Give us a break, and we not opposing your litte clever copy and paste talent. You have to call whatever you are doing something else but journalism. Osationongera our industry.

And another thing before I forget, people earn papers to be called journalists. They spent years in school and not hours or days of perusing through social media. If we play based on your model, then everyone could be called a Journo. But Nay! It ain’t like that!

The unfortunate and probably worst thing about your little Mr/Mrs. Plagiarist act is that you have now grown wings and learn the trick of getting the ideas from already written stories. What kind of a journo does that? Only Mr Wanna-Be journo of course.

For example, in some Middle East countries, people get jailed for just writing anything inciting…Mmh! almost just anything, and in the west, paparazzis get beaten by superstars day in day out. You remember the Kanye West effect? What about the recent local example where a BBC reporter got panel-beat in Karonga? That’s what real journalists face every day. As for you, you are a coward; you can’t show your true face. You hide behind a mask.

To be exact here, a lot of journalists get peanuts because your kind is increasing a number of ghost workers and news sources start knocking off doors of legitimate news networks asking if they knew so and so; asking them for interviews. It’s the 21st century; don’t make the inventors of social media look like if they made some careless program to end journalism.

You’re easily identifiable! With a writing pad in one hand, a recorder in your pocket, and a pen in the other hand, you roam around our cities; you bang onto every venue that’s holding any seminar. Uninvited of course. By the end of the event, you quiz for your ‘media attendance allowance’ as if you were invited. It’s you scumbags that are tarnishing the image of journalists. It’s you, wanna-be journos that’s making other professionals to demean our industry.

It is people like you who promote the name calling to professionally trained journalists, making them look as if they are beggars [the kind that ask money for a story], people with no emotion or whatsoever. We have a simple name for that kind of action, and its constitutional too “corruption” but real journalists call it another name and you the fake one don’t know and you don’t need to know.

I remember some years back, prior to the 2014 tripartite elections, there popped up a squad of self-acclaimed “political commentators” who blubbered even when the need wasn’t there. It’s funny what can happen when you have nothing to do and all you have is a phone or some PC with access to the internet. If you want to say something, comment or like and stop there. Do not go and question people by parading yourself as some legitimate guy with a mic and a notebook in front of the camera.

This kind of behavior is what is specifically dragging entertainment down the gutters in this country. Who else knows what other thing you do apart from concealing yourself as a journalist? The next thing you may do is piracy and like that other artist; you end up producing a song another artist already has a name to it. Real journalists take responsibility for their actions and you guys don’t.

For the epilogue: Time to be masquerading as something you’re not is over! Real journalists already have undercover reporters doing the real thing on the ground, even the paparazzis do it better. But this unprofessional journalistic anomaly needs to be sedated forever. We close your fake career and get some ID after you get some legitimate document from a recognized institution; not from just watching a lot of E! News or television in general and you think you can do what we do! Bye!



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