By Duncan Kaonga Jnr

  • Resilient Baka City dislodged from the summit
  • Young Bullets too young to fire

The second half of the season kicked off on a high noted as the teams have come to know that at this stage, no school boy blunders can be tolerated if they are to push for the championship.

Only 22 shots managed to hit the back of the net during this week of action with only one blank draw recorded and other one team failed to find the back of the net.

So here is how the action went on in our esteemed league in the first week of the second half (Wafa Wafa) of the season.


In Mzimba, there was an interesting fixture in Manyamula as the clever boys travelled up north for an encounter against the unpredictable Manyamula at Manyamula ground.

In the course of action, it was business as usual as the teams got to each other’s nerves in the quest for maximum points. In the end, boys were separated from men as the home laughed last against Baka City by a 2 – 1 score margin.

The win helped the home side to move to the 6th position from 8th on the standings with 27 points from 17 matches.

Still in the Ngoni land, fallen giants, Embangweni United were at it against in-form Zolozolo United at their own backyard. The home side on this day was on top of its game as it showed no mercy to the boys from ku msumba as they humiliated them by 3 goals to nil. What a bad day in office for the visitors who are eying the championship.

Embangweni United moved two steps up to 5th position thanks to this impressive victory and have 27 points from 17 games.

In Chitimba, it was a big day for the people in the lakeshore area as they witnessed a sparkling encounter between Kajipoze and the scorpions of Vinthukutu at Chitimba CDSS ground.

As predicted by those who keenly follow the two sides, the match ended in a blank draw with both teams failing to break the jinx of each other’s solid backlines.

So as the saying goes, it was either the strikers were wasteful or the defence of both teams outshined the goal poachers.

The result saw the home side maintaining their 14th position with 16 points from 17 assignments and Chilumba Barracks also did not move a step on the standings as they are still on position 12 with 17 points and have the same number of games just like their points.

In Tumbuka Land, there was a derby in Bolero as the Leopards of Chikulamayembe played host to neighboring Kawaza United.

The game was expected to be a tough one but looking at how the teams finished their first round, it was definitely a walkover for the hosts. Kawaza wrapped up their first round business second from bottom as the home team finished 4th.  So this was already an advantage to Rumphi United.

During the match, Kawaza was outclassed but after the encounter they had something to show off to their esteemed zealots which was a consolation goal they converted in their 3 – 1 defeat.

Kawaza are still in trouble as they are still second from bottom with 12 points from the 17 games played. Rumphi United on the other hand is still stuck on position 4 but now with 33 points.


In Ngoni Land, Favored Stars welcomed the Clever Boys who were taught some footballing lessons on the previous day. On this last day of the first week of the second round, the boys from Baka in Karonga were looking forward to make amends for their poor display.

The match did end as planned by the two teams as they settled for a 1 all draw at Kaya Kaya ground.

The result means the probable title contenders only managed to collect a single point on the road and this cost them the top spot as they now are on position 3 with 37 points from 18 games.

The stubborn Stars are on position 15 with 14 points under their belt.

In the green city, another potential candidate for the championship, Ekwendeni Hammers were also engaged on the opening week of the second round of our esteemed league, they played host to the Tonga boys, Chintheche United at Chibavi ground.

The home side did not leave any stone unturned in this encounter as they taught the new boys some lessons by beating them by 5 goals to 1. Someone would jokingly say that they played as if they knew what Baka City was going through in Mzimba the same time they were playing.

By making the announcement the Ticki-Tacka boys moved to the summit of the table with 38 points from 17 matches. Chintheche United now occupies the 8th position with 25 points.

In Mzimba, the rookies, Mzimba Young Bullets are still on soul searching in the league as the team is failing to adapt to the standards of the second division which is visibly confirmed on the standings as they finished the first round bottom of the table.

On this day, they faced an uphill task when they were visited by angry Zolozolo United who were coming from a painful defeat. During the match, the hosts were once again outplayed and ended up losing by 2 goals to nil.

Mzimba YB still shoulders the rest of the 16 teams with 11 points from 17 matches while the boys from the famous Zolozolo Township cruised to 2nd place with 38 points having played 18 games and they are separated by the leaders with a superior goal difference.

In Ekwendeni, Mzuzubased Luwinga United were on the road to Ekwendeni and the CCAP ground was the epicenter of action against Ekwendeni United who humiliated and got their first win over the Brave warriors at their own backyard in the first half of the season.

The game at the CCAP ground was a marvel to watch with the hosts dominating the play while the visitors were focused on getting the goals. It was later that the hosts realized they were doing harm to themselves by not hitting the back of the net to collect the maximum points. The match ended in a 2 all draw.

The point Luwinga United got on the road did not help that much as far as the standings are concerned because they are still stuck on position 13 with 16 points from the 17 games they have played so far. The hosts are 6 steps ahead on the log table with 27 points from the same number of games as their counterparts.

That is how it all went in the first week of the second round after a long break of action in our esteemed league.

Below are how teams stand on 2019 NRFA SIMSO Premier League.



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