Gospel rapper Liwu to drop new single; Liwuminati

By Our Reporter.

After being in the music doldrums for close to three years, local gospel rapper, Liwu is poised to return with a hit single, Liwuminati on the 25th of August this year.

Confirming the development, Liwu’s manager, Dalitso Mizaya says preparations are in the final stages for the release.

“The studio works are but through now. What’s remaining is just a little bit of fine tuning but come the 25th, all is going to be set,” he confides.

And according to Liwu, Liwuminati is a reminder for human kind on the need to live a purified life and repent whilst they are still alive or face the consequences of their actions on the judgment day.

“At the end of the day, what we are struggling with is because we live in a fallen world and if we don’t come to terms with the fact that man is a sinner, and sin is a problem, then the problems that will come when this life is over will surpass those we are to face now,” he clarifies.

Artwork | Liwuminati

When asked about the name of the title track, the gospel and its relation to the infamous Illuminati, Liwu clarified that the name was just to make it captivating.

“The title, Liwuminati, comprises the idea of Liwu, and illumination. Illumination is bringing light to something. And Liwu is word. Any association to the group mentioned may be just coincidental,” he clarifies.

He added “My concept is using the Word (and my words) to bring light to the world”.

Liwu, had been pursuing some post graduate studies outside the country.

Recently, the Nyali Musik member dropped a freestyle titled “Three years” probably as an appetizer for Liwumination.

Liwumination has been produced and mastered by Manje.



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