By Gibson C Kamanga.

As groundworks for this year’s glamourous Miss Malawi Cape Town reach an advanced stage, organizers of the annual gala, Nyasa Events, have promised nothing but dazzling acts ahead of the usual day of reckoning, the 26th of December.

The event, in its fourth year now, has been a symbol of Malawian unity via cultural entertainment displays as various South African-based Malawians and their non-Malawian counterparts gather to honour the beauty that is from the Warm Heart of Africa.

And according to the Managing Director for Nyasa Events, Thoko Kuwali, this year’s event has more surprises than all the previous editions.

“This year is massive as I’m planning to team up with other promoters so that together, like Malawians we expand this platform,” he promises.

Thoko Kuwali; the MD for Nyasa Events

Previously, it has been an all Nyasa Event affair under the steership of Kuwali, who, in the second edition of the event, roped in one energetic female Malawian, Shammie Nelsons. And since then, the duo has been dishing out the best in making this event a success.

The Foundation

For those who have known Thoko, they can testify that he is no stranger to events management. He has been in the game for quite a number of years now. But previously, the name Thoko Kuwali was all about musical shows. He himself even attest to this.

“I have been involved in organizing musical bands (live shows) from Malawi but I jumped that ship when I thought of having the pageant event,” he testifies.

Specifically, this idea of hosting such a glitzy event that has come to symbolize the Malawian culture in RSA popped up in a rather dramatic fashion.

“This idea popped up when I once went to a local engagement ceremony. I saw ladies dressed to kill. It wasn’t for that. I knew something needed to be done so these ladies could benefit from their dressings. That’s when this idea popped up,” he recalls.

Such was the genesis of Miss Malawi Cape Town; an event that is carrying the Malawian flag far much higher.


Promoting raw artists

So, for three years, the event has been running. And for three years, innovative feats have been displayed. And much as the name insinuates a beauty pageant; Miss Malawi Cape Town is more than what the name intimates. The event is way much bigger. There is more to it than the crowning of the beauty queen.

As Kuwali highlights, the platform is a calabash of cultural displays of Malawi to the outside world. Through this MMCT dais, various upcoming talents have been unearthed.

“The event is more about promoting. We don’t involve well known artists. It’s our deliberate move to have raw talents perform at our events. So, every year Cape Town-based Malawian artists do perform and get recognitions by audience and make their names known,” he elucidated.

True to Kuwali’s axioms, raw Malawian talents in the likes of Lean Omega, TomboK, Theo Sparta, Sholigah, and Paul Da teacher among others, have had a fair share of their exploits sampled by the MMCT audiences in the past events

Leo Omega

Miss Malawi Cape Town events have greatly put the names of such artists on the map. It is the podium that has made them known.

The Bond

As the event started gaining popularity, it was crystal clear Kuwali could not handle it singlehandedly. He needed a helping hand, and that helping hand was none other than Shammie Nelsons. According to Kuwali, Shammie’s passion and expertise in the game made her the ideal phenomenon to push the event to the next level.

“Shammie is an achiever. I had needed somebody with such a passion for a grandiose event as her. She was just a perfect match,” he said.

And to Shammie, she had to grab the opportunity with both hands the moment Thoko approached her for this joint feat. To her, this was her childhood dream of promoting ambitious female Malawians in South Africa into pursuing their dreams.

“I was excited because I thought it was an opportunity to market the Malawian brand to a new audience. I also liked the idea that the pageant would be a platform that would give confidence to young Malawian girls in South Africa. I felt honoured to contribute to this noble cause,” she revealed.

That has been the origin of the bond between the two in ensuring a smoother MMCT that appeals to all regardless of the nationalities.

Kuwali, Shammie, and Designer, Tutu Kisyombe

Lesson to Malawians

Such has been the rise and rise of Nyasa Events. As it stands, and looking at the enthusiasm of the duo, it is evident, they are not relenting in ensuring this year’s event becomes another success.

So, what should Malawians learn from such enterprising youthful duo?

Shammie, though downplaying her feats said it is high time Malawians valued team work and self-belief in performing wonders.

What we have done is really nothing special or extraordinary. We just had the self-belief and the motivation. So, as Malawians, we have to learn to put our collective efforts before our personal interests. That is the only way we can progress as a nation. We are much bigger and better as a collective front. And we can achieve much more. The lesson being that if we pool together our resources and skills, we will achieve much more than trying to do everything individually,” she revealed.


As one Professor (Emeritus) Brown Chimphamba once said, “the best contribution one makes is the contribution one makes to their own country,” Nyasa Cape Events is also not relenting. It is dreaming big.

According to Kuwali, the blueprint has already been laid out for them to have some tete-a-tete meetings with organizers of Miss Malawi Event so there could be a working relationship. He feels his expertise, plus the marketing prowess of the latter can make the two a fathomable partnership.

“My plan is to do just that. I feel sad that the people who do Miss Malawi don’t do this proper though they do have sponsorship at their fingertips. They mind their pocket before even the event goes far,” cries he.


Such has been the glorious path that Thoko Kuwali, and Shammim Nelson took in uplifting the status quo of youthful Malawians in RSA.

From a simple idea of assisting upcoming beauty pageants, the idea of Miss Malawi Cape Town has now metamorphosed into a bigger platform for sponsoring raw talents in various entertainment sectors.

Miss Malawi Cape Town is now one of theid gala is now a symbol of Malawian culture for Malawians in South Africa.

If you think this an overstatement, wait for the 26th of December 2017.

Below are some of the highlights of 2015 and 2016 Miss Malawi Cape Town

MMCT 2016; Jordan, Vic (Hosts), Juliet (sponsored one of the winners), and Kuwali

MMCT 2015

Kill | Performing at MMCT 2015

MMCT 2015

Models | MMCT 2015

Singer Tombo K, and Mrs Ireen Kuwali

Miss Malawi cape 2014 crowning Miss Malawi Cape Town 2015

Miss Malawi Cape Town 2015 | Shela Senzani

Family arriving at the event | MMCT 2016

Family arriving at the event | MMCT 2016

Runner up | Model




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