A young woman dating a married man

Girls who date married men; hear this


By Gomezgani Mhango.

They say age ain’t nothing but a number. True! However, experience elsewhere has already proved that in romantic relationships, the wider the age gap, the higher the chances of disparities in literally almost everything from lifestyles, to fashion taste and even interests, you name it.

And if that’s not enough, most female millennials, of late are getting coaxed into hooking up with already settled guys, I mean married men. The former claim the latter know how to spoil these ‘innocent’ souls. But is that real? What is it that the wives of these men don’t have that you have?

Fellow female millennials, before we say YES to these irresponsible Already-Occupied hubbies, we need to understand the flowing.

  1. They won’t leave their wives for you.

You know the funny part of dating these men is that, they love their wives and families. Believe you me, they can’t divorce their wives and marry you. Never!!! You’re just their sex objects, and once they’re done with you, they’ll prey on another unsuspecting soul.

2. You’re not his only Side Chic; there’s a team

Aside from the fact that you’re the substitute goalkeeper to the MG1, his official wife, never in a million years think that you’re the only side chic around. Such men have no morals and they can sleep with almost anything that walks so long as it is female. So why embarrassing yourself for such a disgraced soul?

Think about this, if he’s cheating on his own wife, why can’t he extend the favour on you?

3. Married men are there to waste your time

As we know that time is a non renewable resource in one’s life, if you are busy dating married men you miss the time of meeting your Prince Charming. Mind you, the past can easily haunt us in the near future, so let’s not tarnish our images now. We have an undiscovered future that is for us to spoil. So, be careful with those rapid Sugar Daddies. By the time you will pull out, it might have been too late. So watch out!

4. They will just cause you trouble

It’s all rosy when you’re not caught. Ever thought of what can happen in the unlikely event that the owner of that man discovers of your hide-and-seek with her hubby? Being her property, you’re literally encroaching her boundaries and she’s going to do anything to protect her belonging…and you know what that means to you. Not so?

5. Some men are there just to destroy you.

These men will entice you with big deals, they’ll really spoil you. In your naivety, you’ll be bragging to your friends of how loving he is to you. What you forget is that, to him, money is no big deal. He can either impregnate you and deny responsibility, worst still, he may infect you with the you- know-what. All they want is to make you a retired officer at a tender age so that nobody can also get attracted to you once he’s done with you.

So, dear ladies, are these what we desire in our lives? It’s worth the wait! Watch your moves!!



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