By Chisomo Chimenya

After hitting the M-dubz urban music podium by storm with his two hits, chibaluwa kwa ex and mdekhesi, Gibwalez – birth name, Gift Chilumbu- is dropping his debut Extended Playlist (EP) Mkanjo early October, EM can reveal.

Unlike other artists, Gibwalez has gone unorthordox by teasing his fans with some scintillating singles from the upcoming compilation.

Just recently, he has released another banger, “Friend request”, a DJ OK production. The song is already having a positive reception.

Asked why he has opted for this unusual modus operandi, the youthful artist says it is good and artistic to be unique.

“l am releasing songs in my EP one by one. All  that I want is to be unique that’s why am using a strategy  that no other artist here in Malawi has used  before in releasing the EP,’’ he said.

Gib further says his music is a revelation of real life issues Malawians are facing hence the wider reception.

“My music is such that people can easily relate to what they do in their everyday life. I feel this is why I’ve won the hearts of many,” he believes.

The “Live City Musik Group” signee is optimistic he is going to stand the test of time as he has a mission in his music and does not want his overnight fame to derail him.

 “The problem with most up and coming artists in Malawi is that once they release a song, they  become complacent hence do not promote the songs by uploading their songs in reputable  websites like and other sites.

Some do not even promote their songs through various radio DJs. They just like sharing their music to friends using social media- a thing which cannot help market their music,” he said.

His manager, Geezo De DJ is also hopeful the artist is going to withstand the heat in the industry as Gibwalez music carries mature and true messages.

“The release of the EP by Gibwalez is not a mistake. It is a dream come true and no wonder most of the songs contained in the Mkanjo EP are hit songs enjoying massive airaplay and downloads. He is a youngster biologically but more matured, lyrically.” Geezo added.

 Concurring with Geezo, a South African based Malawian who is a fan of Gibwalez, Pempho  Zingunde, said she loves his music because he has his own style in terms of coming up with concept. Pempho believes Gibwalez will reach greatest levels and she has since suggested that the artist do corroborate with other established artists like Saint for him to hit big.

“This youngster has a heart of Gold. He just needs to stay focued, otherwise I see him soaring higher,” she praised.

Gibwalez first came into the limelight in 2016 when he featured Janta in a song titled “Mutopa”. He boasts that he has been in the music industry for eight years now and hence mature enough to release an EP. His Mkanjo EP has songs like : uli familiar, mdekhesi, sure, friend request and the title track mkanjo.

Advice to fellow up and coming artists

“l encourage fellow artists to work hard on their music, learn how to come up with good music concepts and on top of that, concentrate on their studies. Education can make one become a better musician because you will know how to manage things,” he concluded.



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