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Today EM brings you one M-zee based Afro Pop artist Yonzo B, the next best thing to look out for as the year ends.

According to Yonzo B, it was after being mentored by a music lover and a less prominent associate Wisdom Sichali, when he ventured into music industry in 2009.

“Wisdom Sichali is the person we started music together, he makes great music too. I was inspired by his works, and his hardworking spirit with his music. He could sometimes help me with song construction so that I could do better.” He explained.

Not only that, Yonzo alias Yona Chimaliro cited other music veterans that motivated him to become an artist namely, Wakisa James Zephy and Ndipondipo” a song by K Man among others.

Yonzo B added to say that he is expected to release two songs which will also be in his album to be released next year. The album will have guest features by Provoice and other a few up and coming artists, while its production has been done by the Frame City Records production duo, Tak Tik and Dre Beats.

What it takes to be a musician

Unlike other artist, being an artist to Yonzo B is not about going to studio, record a song and share it to your friends but it is about what you sing, you write, when you give it to the populace, what impact does it have to your audience and being able to articulate real life situations in a music form.


According to Yonzo B, lack of platforms to perform his music like music festivities in the northern part of Malawi has always been a big problem to him since it delays him to give his audience the talent he has.

Sometimes my friends could look down upon me saying I was just wasting my precious time whenever I try to put much effort in my music.” Said Yonzo B.


An advice to freshmen in the game, Yonzo B said they should never rely only on music but also other alternatives like working had at school.

“They should not give up despite the pains due to the unpaid work they do for it all starts on a low pace and they should have in mind that famous and good musician out there passed through hard times to be where they are.”” Added an artist.

To the already developed artist, Yonzo B highlighted that humbleness and patience are some of the key words to a successful musician since to be famous it is the people and to lose fame too it is the people and if people lose interest in you it is like saying good bye to your music career.

“As artists we do not have to forget that we do music for the people.” Said Yonzo B.

The musician also condemned the heart of pulling each other down and he encouraged the heart of uplifting one another in as far as emerging talent is concerned.

Future plans

Yonzo B has a belief that his music will be known national and international level since he believe in his work.

Min Bio

  • Birth Name: Yona Chimaliro
  • Stage Name: Yonzo B
  • Date of Birth: 1996, 7 June
  • Favorite artist: Lawi national wide and Jahmel international.
  • Home village: Mhuju in Rumphi district
  • Home town: Mzuzu
  • Tribe: Ngoni
  • Hobbies: singing
  • School attended: he went to Peak Private Secondary School and then to Malawi Armed Force College, currently a Malawian Soldier 



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