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By Philes Davis.

She’s been rocking M-Dubz with her appetizing lyrics. She’s been known to be a go-getter who lets no wall to block her goals.

Trizah Titus is no stranger to most of us. Of course, the brand is closely associated with music, for she is an afro-pop song goddess. That, however, is not the reason she’s appearing on this column.

Music aside, Trizah Titus is one of the vibrant young entrepreneurs. Recently, she’s ventured into a unique business of recycling materials into some unique and mouth-watering products. Merchandises that will leave your mouth agape; speechless for the outcomes are but shockingly gorgeous!

To others, used car tyres, plastic bottles, plastic papers, plastic buckets, cartons among others are but litters that need to find permanent citizenship in our various rubbish bins. To Trizah Titus however, these materials are her gold. It is these materials that she, and her sibling, Linda Gondwe, through their franchise, Trizah Recycling, are salvaging to produce super-gorgeous domestic decors ranging from sofa sets, stools, chandeliers, bags…and what have yous.

According to Trizah, the whole idea popped up about 365 or so days ago. And so, all this time, the duo spent it perfecting their art to ensure they did not deliver a shambles. Being seasoned entrepreneurs, they knew they had to up their game if they were to make a name in this business…and a name they have made.

Now, it is in this year, 2008 that Trizah and Linda have landed their fortune. Out of literary what others regarded, rather, still regard as garbage, the genius siblings are making millions and smiling all the way to the bank.

To them, when they see used tyres, plastic papers, cartons, used crates…..they salivate for they see another fat wallet heading their way. To them, ‘your garbage’ is craftily transformed into assorted furniture, beds, clothes, bags and decors.

You just tell them what you want, and in no time, they deliver.

Trizah Titus

The motivation

So, what motivated the two sisters to venture into this otherwise lucrative but secret paragon?

“Creativity!” so says Trizah.

“As a business person, I need to have a third eye for delivering what everybody else isn’t. So, we’d been observing that most of us Malawians had poor waste disposal. So we felt there could be something useful we could do with these plastics, and here we are,” she revealed.

It may seem like it is an overstatement but should you bump into the products Trizzah and Linda are creating out of the very same materials most of us regard as trash, then, and then would you realise that Malawi has got talent; brains that can transform the country from a predominantly consuming nation into some exporting one within a blink of an eye.

Against all odds, despite their super-quality status, Trizah’s products are being offered at unbelievably affordable prices. With a meager ten thousand Malawi Kwacha, your house could be turned into an overnight heaven; rich with high quality garlands of your choice.

Why Trizah Recycling products?

Minus their striking splendour, Trizah’s products have more goodies than a mere business franchise.

Here is why.

Countries world over are pro-green….meaning they are promoting the adoption and use of environmentally friendly technologies. That is the same idea that coaxed these siblings to venture into this trade.

“By purchasing our products, our clients directly promoting environmental preservation in our country. Remember plastics take ages to be degraded once buried, so the best way is to recycle them as we’re doing,” enlightened Trizah.

Trizah Recycling product

That is not all. The Malawi government and all stakeholders are promoting the youth to venture into self-employment, so buying Trizah’s products will go a long way into transforming the country’s economy. According to her, her enterprise is model for the Buy Malawi Campaign but with a touch of youth and female empowerment in it.

“Our business is a living example of youth empowerment. Buying our products means motivating other youths out there to venture into self-employment. So, in the end, we’re creating a better Malawi for all,” she said.

Equally important is that Trizah and Linda are living examples of 21st century females who do not depend on their dudes for everyday survival. It has been said countless times that real women hustle, the two siblings are just exactly that.

So next time you are in Lilongwe, or you think of having a unique furniture that shall light your household, look no further for the answer may just be a drive away. Trizah Recycling is the name. Area 49 in Lilongwe is the focal point.

Below are some of the products that Trizah Recycling is able to deliver.

Trizah Recycling product

Contact details

Cell: +265994242661/ 8888 11 400




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