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You would think you are on a vacation somewhere in a remote island of Hawaii, or you may think you are watching some Hollywood fashion Television channel.

Or perhaps you would be rubbing your eye brows, thinking you have just awaken from a deep slumber. But no!

All these could be likely scenarios once your eyes feast on the craft that is Furniture Solutions’artifacts at Area 3 in Lilongwe.

Furniture Solutions, under the tutelage of an energetic young entrepreneur, Steve Dzoole is one of the furniture par excellence that would make you appreciate the potential that Malawi harbours in terms of creativity.

Steve Dzoole

Steve Dzoole

The recipe is simple; your dream furniture design, allow him some time to cogitate, and let him consult his tool box; the outcome with leave you breathless. Leaving you in awe; not believing how the marriage of his pair of hands and his tool box does transform a mere tree log into some scintillating furniture master piece. That is exactly what Dzoole and his Furniture Solutions are earning their reputation as a force to reckon with, as far as furniture modelling is concerned.

Born 33 years ago, Steve Dzoole never thought he could eke a fortune out of playing around with tree products. A technical education major at the Malawi Polytechnic, and, his craftsmanship grew out of a classwork passion and mentoring his students.

“I was inspired by my own personal joy of having simple but unique stuff around. Later on I begun making some furniture designs just for fun. All this changed one moment when some of my friends got interested with my artiworks,” he rekindles.

Then he made some chair sets for his friends and all hell broke loose when “one of them posted on social media some work I had done. Then, few orders followed. That was the genesis of my future,’ he remembers.

And in essence, what started as a mere desire to have unique lifestyle has ended up in driving this ambitious entrepreneur into a serious business magnet in the offing, as now, he can frame anything from home, to office ware and literary any piece of furniture.

Furniture Solutions's Product

Furniture Solutions’s Product

Steve Dzoole

Furniture Solutions’s Product

Steve Dzoole

Furniture Solutions’s Product

Currently, Dzoole stands taller and challenges that Furniture Solutions has a user friendly business model where the clients co-design the final product.

“Our designs originate from everywhere, either a customer has a specific design or I do it, but I like a situation where I work with a customer to design something that solves their problem. That’s why I called my business “Furniture Solutions

But doesn’t this business endanger the environment?

Dzoole says “It’s something that we can’t live without only that we all have to be responsible to the environment.

I would say nowadays furniture industry has revolutionized unlike in the past. Now, we are using wood more consciously with products like melamine boards on the market,” said Dzoole who also pointed out that ‘charcoal burning and brick burning are the two vices that have to be contained if we are to reclaim our beautiful environment.

Truth be told, Steve Dzoole is a model to many a Malawian youth. By daring into deep waters of self-entrepreneurship, he has dipped himself in rivers where many (of his age group) dodge.

And on why lots of youth find difficult starting up their own business, Dzoole has a solution…

“Capital and lack of patience. On capital, many got misconception that you need huge capital to venture into entrepreneurship, but I believe in starting small since you easily understand your trade and you get prepared mentally when your business gets on big stage.

… and the good thing with starting small you develop passion because you know every step of your business…” he adds.

To Dzoole, and his Furniture Solutions, the future cannot look brighter.

“I see myself making furniture that solves people’s problems and at the same time allowing people to express their lifestyle through their furniture,” he challenges.




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