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By Gibson C Kamanga

She is yet to clock 20. However, her determination to succeed is way more than her age.

Fresh Diva, as the name suggests, is just a new brand in town. Based in the capital city, Lilongwe, Fresh Diva is the new versatile princess who is into RnB, Afro-pop, and a little bit of conscious dancehall music.

Unlike others ever featured on this column, Fresh Diva’s passion literary came out of the blues…well, depends on your understanding anyway. She had been listening to a variety of urban songs, both from local, and international artists. With time, she started crafting some lines, and gave it to peers for reviews. It was so amusing noting that there was positive feedback from them.

“I got motivated from the sentiments I was getting from my peers. Such a feedback injected some zeal in me that I could also venture into this industry,” she recalls. 

Currently pursuing a Diploma in Hospitality at Don Bosco in Lilongwe, Fresh’s mission in the industry is to motivate those who look down upon themselves, especially up and coming music artists like herself.  

“I just want to motivate people that if I know how to do good music, so too is themselves. I wanna inject some zeal in those doubting their capabilities that they too can make it.” She reveals.

It is a fact that not many a female Malawian urban musicians go further with their careers when compared to their male folk. To our Fresh princess, she is not scared by such a sad fact. To her, she is there to stay.

“I trust in God and I’ve never looked down upon myself so I know I’m going to make it. I’m not a quitter. What somebody did or didn’t has nothing to do with my path. I have my own formula and I trust it.” She challenges.

The future

Fresh wants to see herself becoming an inspiration to many in the near future. She is geared to succeed and she wants to use her success to inspire others to push harder, and smarter.

“Five years from now, I wanna be at a better place where people can take my story as an inspiration.” She reveals.

Motivated by her mother, Fresh Diva has just released her debut professional song, “Good Vibe” in June this year. 

She says, though it is not a hit when compared to others by other artists, Fresh Diva has conviction that she is going to be making meaningful impact in her subsequent songs.

“I hope to be improving in all my songs. Each release is going to be way better than the previous releases. I’m sure I’m gonna hit it shortly,” she says.

Brief bio

  • Birth name: Diane Mliule
  • Date of birth: 13th July 2000
  • Meaning and origin of the stage name, Fresh Diva: I’m just a new kid on the block. When I had ventured into professional music, one of my close friends christened me with that name, I just fell in love with it.
  • Artists she grew up listening to: Nicki Minaj, and Toni Braxton
  • Music idols: N icki Minaj, and Mila J

(a link for Fresh Diva’s songs will be issues shortly)



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