By Philes Davis

Desires are endless. Fellow up town Divaz, if we’re to get far in life, there’s a need to check onto what we do. What we do today has a direct bearing on what we become tomorrow. If we mess up today, we can be guaranteed of a doomed future tomorrow.

Tell you what? Having a miserable life in future is as easy as going to the loo. Here are some of the ways.

  1. Men thrill; and kill too

Not all the men who come in your life showing too much interest in you are there to stay, nuh!! They may come with a lot of money spoiling you like you’re the only woman on earth but one thing for sure behind all the glitters you see, there might be a hidden agenda. Take him to a VCT before you even divide your legs for him. Wise up! Many are on a mission of “tifeee ambiri” . you may be the prey!

  1. Clubbing ain’t that cool

I am not trying to make boundaries for you on how you spend your nights but a lot of ladies have been raped, killed and abused during such awkward hours. A good lady would know how to keep herself indoors during odd hours.

You don’t have a car but you spend your night at various night clubs every Friday night. You don’t drive, and actually you don’t have a car to drive yourself home, and yet you’re out doors night in night out, so how do you expect to go home?

Some of these deaths are avoidable dear ladies. Life is too short to waste it over a single night. Be responsible and stay indoors!

  1. Binge drinking can wreck your soul

In this generation, we have ladies that booze like their fathers. In all earnest, a woman is very weak when she is drunk and becomes very vulnerable to being harmed in that state as she is hopeless and powerless to even protect herself. I advise you take good care of yourself before the Devils of men devour and kill you.

  1. Luxurious life

Let’s learn to be contented with what we have. That aside, let’s also learn to spend within our means. Trying to spend like the Jay-Z’s of this world when we’re just a mere Sexy Diva like me will just milk your minute kobos. Trying to keep up appearances will force us to be doing some unimaginable acts all in the name of saving our faces. The more we want the more we are likely to expose our lives to danger. You see, we lose our sleep and our happiness; we hurt the people around us all in the name of keeping up appearances. Life doesn’t’ work that way, dear sisters.

  1. Unsafe abortions

After all the nights out, after all the binge drinking, after all those luxurious lifestyles, unplanned pregnancies are the prices, we, ladies pay. And it’s so unfortunate that most cultures in Malawi stigmatize an unmarried young lady. So to avoid the shame that comes with such a condition, many a woman resort to unsafe termination of their pregnancies. The results of which have been so disheartening.

Mother Malawi has been losing a lot of her productive females courtesy of unsafe abortions. So ladies out there, if you can’t access that lubricated rubber, then never ever open your legs. Period! The Sexy Diva says, “if you can’t bear the consequences of sex, then never ever let him inside you!”

Dear ladies, striving for more is always good, but let’s not strive so hard and for so much that we lose all those near and dear to our hearts. Let alone ourselves.



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