Fredokiss remains positive after MP elections defeat


By Dunford Junior

“An apple doesn’t fall far from its tree” the saying kowtows to political enthusiasm of the Son of Kamlepo Kalua the lion of Rumphi east, him too (Fredokiss) like his father, fearlessly went head on to challenge big shots in the arena for Blantyre City South constituency parliamentary seat.

But despite losing the battle in a highly contested race to former Nyasa Big Bullets boss Noel Lipipa, Malawi’s multi-award-winning hip hop artist Fredokiss real name Penjani Kalua vows to contest again in 2024.
The Ghetto shoulder initiative founder Fredokiss, managed to be on position 2 out of 10 in his maiden political career big move for MP post on an independent ticket, on top of the Malawi Congress Party’s Campaign director Moses Kunkuyu.

Fredo’s main promises were scholarships to young people, to construct houses for the elderly and a pledged to ensure clean water in all parts of the constituency, among others.
Despite the loss, the ghetto King Kong has promised to continue all his charity works as part of his unconditional love for the people of Malawi.

“Our Charity activities have been there for the past 10 years and will always be there until the end of time.” Fredokiss Pledged.

He added: “You can lose the battle but not the war, am winning the war. I was born to inspire and I will only do that when you see me fall, get up and show you my big success, I have won but am not going to parliament” reads part of the post.

Although some have taken it on social media to make fun of Fredokiss’s defeat, he is still positive of his victory in the next elections in 2024.

“A day is coming when some of you will escort me to the parliament and beyond, God willing I will be on the ballot again in 2024, I am stronger, I am better, I am Fredo and still I rise.” reads the post.

Fredokiss’s story to contest, and proving the nation that the youths can also have the ability to strive for a better nation made Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s lead communication expert, Ephraim Nyondo to take it on his official Facebook account, appreciating Fredo’s ego.

“Am telling you, this guy embodies the image of what Malawi will look like in 10 years from now” reads the post.

True son of his father, perhaps Fredokiss is also known as Ntchana is the Lion of his constituency as evident in his campaign story he united people alienated by political affiliation. Will Nyondo’s prediction come to pass in the near decade? Its only about time and power. Power Power Power (Fredo’s slogan).



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