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  • Meet Louis Adini Malukula, the brains behind CAPE 360 TOURS

By Philes Davis

His name was literary unknown from the country’s bible of the who-and-whos in the entrepreneurship ladder. Just like the biblical scriptures, Louis Adini Malukula was rejected at home. He could not make it that big. No matter how hard he hassled, he could not blossom. 

Unlike other vision-deficient countrymen, Louis did not relent. He had a dream and he could not let it falter.  He had to pursue plan B. He had to bid his Mangochi hometown goodbye. He did. He had to trek down south (RSA). He did.

For ten years, he pushed himself to the limit so as to actualize his goals. He huffed and puffed and sweated. Day and night he worked, and observed how successful entrepreneurs were coining it. He was an active observer.

For ten years, he worked at a local beverage company (RSA). Whilst there, his everyday job description involved him supervising accounts customers, and high level clientele. To others, this was just a bread-winning job. To Louis however, this was a make or break opportunity for it was here that he accrued immeasurable skills in customer relations and marketing.  By and by, he saw his dream coming to reality by each passing hour.

The vision

He waited. To others, waiting for ten years to make a breakthrough was nothing but a pauper’s dream. To Louis, he was waiting for the right moment to shine. During the twilight of his career at the unnamed beverage company, Louis found another pastime activity. He involved himself in assisting a close colleague running a tourist guiding company. It is here that the sleeping giant that was in him emerged.     

That, dear reader, was to be the genesis of Louis’ marriage with the tourism industry. The coming days, weeks, or months, (depending on your preference) saw the excited young man from Mangochi running up and down, seeking knowledge on how he could also run a similar enterprise.  

Living the dream

After what seemed ages whilst Louis was in the wilderness, hunting for knowledge on how he could succeed in the tourism industry, just a couple of months ago, he has finally launched Cape 360 Tours, a tourist transportation agency to various destination in the Rainbow nation. 

From private tours, city tours all the way to airport transfers, and even to the famous Cape Peninsula, Cape 360 Tours literary takes you to where scenic beauty is at.

Talk of the town

Based in Cape Town, Cape 360 Tours is already becoming the talk of the town. With less than a year in its operation, the tourist agency is already winning, rather, has already won the trust of many of the customers who have ever been heavenly served.

Take one Pam Thurber Salvador for example. In his review of Cape 360 Tours, on the latter’s Facebook page, he could not hide his heartfelt appreciation for the five-star treatment he was served courtesy of Louis and his Cape 360 Tours. Apparently, Pam was a foreign national.

“South Africa never ceases to amaze me! We spent the day in the Cape Winelands taking in stunning views and tasting some special wines from La Motte, Franschhoek Cellars, and Graaf. The beauty is just incredible! Huge thanks go out to our tour guide, Louis, from Cape 360 Tours. Not only does he know his stuff, he’s a great company as well.” Reads the comment.

Pam’s sentiments are one of the litany of similar appreciation clients of Cape 360 Tours have come to associate with the tour guiding agency. It is not disappointing.

The secret

According to Louis, the core business of his agency is to make tourists’ adventures memorable by offering assistance-par-excellence.

“It’s always been our mission to ensuring that our clients get more than what they bargained for. A satisfied customer is a recipe for a business boom,” he reveals.

Above all, Louis has observed that poor customer relations, and having dilapidated structures do easily turn away potential clients.

“I’ve observed that most tour guide companies here lack perfect marketing strategies, and also their machinery is not that up to standard. Here at Cape 360 Tours, we always make sure to capitalize on that, no wonder we’re becoming the market leader in this industry,” he revealed. 

The future

Although Louis is slowly rising to top of the entrepreneurship ladder, he is still dreaming in colour. Come five years from now, he wants to be somewhere; that small planet that only the few successful ones reside.

 “I would like to make Cape 360 Tours be a force to reckon with internationally. I want it to be that big and successful, and at the same time, adding smiles unto our clients,” he envisions.

A model worth emulating?

At only 37, Louis Adini Malukula, originally from Mangochi but now in Cape Town, South Africa, is a model many a Malawian youth would want to emulate.

Having started so low in life, selling of second hand clothes (popularly called Kaunjika), many would never, in a million years, have thought he could rise this far.

But through determination, persistence and goal setting, he knew his path. No wonder his trekking to Mzansi was but the genesis of a brighter future for him.

Unlike other fellow countrymen, who, when they have crossed the borders, lose their identity, Louis, through his Cape 360 Tours, has proved that he is indeed the true son of the Warm Heart of Africa.

Louis is an example of the biblical illustration of how prophets are usually forsaken in their mother lands but easily win trusts in foreign land.

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